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My Dear Corona

November 17, 2020

Dearest Corona Virus, 
I hope this letter finds you, I hope it comes in your sickly hands which have plagued thousands. 
I should hate you for what you've done, for how many you've taken...
I should curse your name for locking me here, for forcing me to stay inside when all I want is to feel, to breathe, to see the outside. 
I should scream at you for leaving my mother and many others unemployed.
I should despise you for canceling my school and refusing to let me see my friends and my elderly loved ones. 
But I will do none!
You may have robbed me and everyone from many things...But let me tell you this, you will not defeat us and you know why? Because we will always find the light.
May the 28th was my birthday, I cried the whole night knowing all I'll do is stay at home without seeing my friends or doing anything. It was going to be the worst birthday ever. Morning came and I drowsily arose from bed, to surprisingly find a table full of presents and cakes, my heart lifted and I thanked my family dearly. It was the best morning yet, I laughed and had a great time. That wasn't all. I was told I was needed downstairs, so as I went down to the front of my house, tears filled my eyes as one by one my friends had driven past my place with presents and cheerful happy birthdays. Just to see their faces and know that they came out of their day to my place, only made me stronger. That was the best birthday I've ever had. COVID, you've made me realize the important and strong bonds of the people who care for me, love me, and that is something I will never forget. You try to isolate me but you've only made me stronger. You've shown me not to take things for granted, those few weeks of quarantined had me rethinking the things I take for granted, the Earth, trees, flowers, beaches, skies. It has shown me that going outside is a gift. Another day, I was going down in the lift of my apartment and there was a letter from my neighbors writing to any elderly people or sick people to do their shopping and give them a hand. 
Dear Corona, you thought you would bring out the worst in us, only you have made us stronger. 
You have taught me more life lessons that I have ever known, so let me tell you one thing...
You may have turned the world upside down but we will always be there to turn it right again. Always.

Kindest Regards, 


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