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No hate to anybody at all, I love everybody, I just feel us South Asians have been given the short end of the stick in America. I hope that'll change, but I'm not sure if it will. Every single stereotype in this piece has been said to me, indirectly or otherwise. Feedback is welcome.


July 19, 2020


I always have trouble filling out legal forms
because whenever I try to check the neat little box with
"Asian" I feel America's judging breath on my back saying
"But you're not Asian. You're Indian, right?" 
My blood boils as I hear the vehement protests
of my dying ancestors of revolution with the word
"Bangladesh" on their bloody tongues.
The stereotypes of Asian Americans
becoming my stereotypes because "Bengali" 
is far too small a minority.
I'm asked if I'm good at math
or if i come from a family of terrorists
or if my parents own a convenience store.
I'm asked if I can speak "Indian"
or if my parents would actually disown me
over a bad grade. 
South Asians are just a minority
within a minority, with representation in nowhere
but Bollywood.
"Asia" is just a fancy word for where the Chinese come from.
India is somewhere in there if you talk to someone educated.
But "Bangladesh" illicits blank looks and questions
about if it's the same as India and if it's third world and poor.
There are 5.4 million South Asians in the United States.
We deserve a bit more then negative stereotypes
about being taxi drivers and IT workers and terrorists.
But I guess I'll stick to my neat little box
for America won't notice either way.



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  • July 19, 2020 - 8:05pm (Now Viewing)

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