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Dear Older Brother

July 21, 2020

Dear Older Brother, 
    I still remember how you were so into technology and the advancements in the current era. You were preeminent at playing Tetris. I remember wanting to play with you, and you told me to wait until you fail the game. I sat there waiting for you for a whole hour, until you decided to fail on purpose, as we both knew that Tetris never beats you. I remember your great programming skills, how I always had to ask you for help when I wanted to program my robot. I remember your many chess awards sitting at the top of your shelf, and how I could never beat you in chess. I remember how you found the world, and the way that people are so fascinating. 
    You're not wrong. It is quite amazing how so many tasks can be done with this tiny screen I'm typing on right now, and how we've made countries and governments from scratch. At that time, I wanted to become a computer engineer with you. We could go to the big city to be CEO's and chairmen of our own software together. After all, I didn't know what I wanted to do at that time, and I thought that it didn't matter as long as it was with you, my brother. 
    Sadly, I couldn't be with you anymore when you passed. Life without you was difficult. I didn't have a guide anymore for where to go, and I was lost. I wasn't lost in a forest, nor was I lost in a desert. I was lost in myself, where I could not simply wander around for a while and find my path. I was lost in myself, in a way that I lost motivation to do anything, and the world was so bland and colorless to my eyes. I could no longer see the interesting details in life, nor could I see a reason to exist in a place so boring. 
    Guiding a little sister through life was a difficult task, as I already had difficulties guiding myself to find myself. I knew that I needed to teach her things like the importance of not taking things for granted, and how one can only achieve something if they're persistent, but something in me was lost. What was I truly interested in? What did I really want to do with this life that was handed to me? 
    I was trapped by myself, not in a cage, but a tornado of loss as I felt that I couldn't do anything as well as anyone else. Even you, my brother, had so much more talent than me in everything that you did, making our parents proud. I found no interest in learning to become a doctor, nor could I continue with learning about computer programming without your guidance. Dark clouds swarmed around me to create this cage that I could not walk out of by myself. 
    I found myself disliking this world of competitions, social standards, and chaos, as through my eyes, the world became a bland and messy place. Remember the Hobbit? We both read the book and watched the movie together. I just want to be a Hobbit in the Shire, "having a liking for things that grow" and simply living peacefully, enjoying food. J.R.R. Tolkien was truly a genius for writing such a piece. If only I could escape to an imaginary world in reality. 
    I hung my head low until one day, when my friend edited my narrative for a school assignment, and she told me that I had great talent in writing. During my 8th grade year, my language arts teacher also often complimented me about how much he liked my writing style, and that I should continue writing and improving. Although neither my friend nor my teacher may know this now, they helped me find my way again, and they helped me free myself from my own cage. 
    I tried many new things after that. I got onto our school's Science Olympiad team(my friend wanted me to join this), I volunteered at a nature museum, I joined the marching band, and I entered many writing contests. I've developed interest in botany, ornithology, and writing. I could then again see the world through your eyes, the interesting and mysteriousness of it, the beauty and color of it, and the variety and diversity of it. 
    I realized through my experiences that one must step out of their cage to find out more about themselves. So, my brother, I apologize for not carrying on our old dream of going to the big cities and creating our own software. I've decided to leave home and travel into the mountains in China to learn more about nature and write about my adventures and experiences in the mountains, like how Bilbo Baggins did with his journey with the dwarfs to the Lonely Mountain. 
    Dear brother, I've stepped out of my cage with the help of others, and I've decided my path myself. I've been independent, and I will continue to learn more about myself and the world. After all, when babies are born, they cry, and learn to be a human with the help of others. 
    Wherever you are now, in the graveyard, in my house, or in heaven, I want to let you know that you no longer need to worry about your little sister. I've learned to be independent, and I'm on my own journey. Wherever I am, know that you and my memories of you will always stay in my heart, and it doesn't matter where you are either. This letter that you may be reading that I left on your grave is also the one that I'm submitting for another writing contest! Even if you cannot read this letter, as I'm unsure about where you are, just know that I love you, and I'm doing well.
                                                                                                        Your little sister 


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  • Deleted User

    This beautiful letter has a good story curve in the correct order (set-up, rise, climax, falling action, resolution). It is written clearly and has an emotional impact as well as thought provoking. Super work! I really enjoyed reading this letter.

    about 1 year ago