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Why I can't forget you PART 6

July 29, 2020



LAST PART: I kept the dress back when Dan noticed, after knowing the matter he told him and he would pay for it. That when the chief guest of our date arrived. Yes, none other than Lali.
“ I just went for half an hour and woohoo you’re buying her dresses?” She exclaimed in a sad and angry tone.

No, see she likes this dress a lot and she didn’t have so much cash right now. So I thought of buying it,” Dan replied with a sweet and innocent tone.
“ But if you’re buying her something then logically you should get me also something,” Lali told this in a tone sounding as if she is gonna rob his money today.
“I’m fine with it. I’ll buy you anything but you need to buy everything in 10 minutes.” Dan sighed as he got rid of her.
He was happy, giving some money at least we’ll get some time alone.

Then he came up to me and asked what were we going to buy for your tenant’s birthday party?
I replied ” Huh? Is it actually her birthday? I just lied to mum.”
Dan look wide-eyed at me “ What! you lied. It’s actually her birthday in 2 days. I got this invitation. But I want to ask you out. I mean not asking out but like… I can’t go to a couple party alone. I….I …, Will you come..”
He was stumbling.
I felt like my soul left my body and in my imagination, I had started dancing in the skies. I agreed to him but my soul returned to my body when I thought of getting permission from my family.
I nodded my head for a yes but I was thinking of a couple of excuses to go out with him alone. Dang! The problem is I have never lied and made fake excuses
We then went on to the counter and finally bought a gift for her. Then my sister joined us and she was overbrimming with all the shopping. Dan’s pocket was officially broke for just some time together. I felt bad and promised him to get something soon.
It was monsoon season. I always loved to have ice-cream with rain. I insisted Dan and Lali come with me to the ice-cream parlor next to the mall.
I had some change in my purse. I forgot my wallet. So I ordered two ice-creams which were in my budget. I forgot about Lali.
As soon as ice-cream arrived Lali turned towards me open-mouthed. 
“Where is my ice-cream?” Lali asked in surprise
“I..I didn’t have change. You can keep the chocolate ice-cream. Dan and I will share.”
“Why should you both share? And Dan he did so much to me. I don’t want an ice-cream.”
“Will anyone ask me my opinion? I am ready to share. Isn’t sharing caring. Lali you can eat the ice-cream.”
“Huh, okay I don’t have a say in it. I will be grateful to you for the gift so as you wish” Lali replied with her ice-cream in hand. She went quietly to sit in the rickshaw we booked. As we were having a lot of shopping bags. We couldn’t fit in one. So my sister went in one rickshaw. She headed towards home. She was very happy with all the bribe she got.
Finally, we sat in the parlor chairs. Dan took a breath of relief. 
He demanded an extra spoon from the parlor. He put his spoon in my ice-cream and had a bite of ice-cream. I couldn’t forget the scene. 
Rain, drizzle pouring love on us. We sharing an ice-cream. There was not much talk but my eyes expressed a lot. 
Dan,” So are you down for the party right? I mean you can come with me like a date, don’t take me wrong not like a date date but a date date. You get me.” He reassured.
“I get you. But what should I wear? Can I wear the dress you bought?” I asked.
“You can wear anything. BUT ONE SUGGESTION PLEASE KEEP YOUR SISTER OUT OF THIS.” Dan exclaimed.
I could read this mind. His mind must have been screaming that his pocket is broke.
“I will!” I told in a feeble voice. It was cool weather as it was raining. I started to shiver a little. 
Then Dan removed his jacket. He flipped the jacket to my side of the table and put it over my shoulders.
I was so speechless. I couldn’t stop smiling. My heart pumped so hard. 
We booked a rickshaw and I headed to sit. The seat was wet. Dan wiped the seat on my sat with the cloth there on the hood of the rickshaw. I was melted by the courtesy. Then we reached my house. He bid me bye from the gate. I don’t know why but he never liked facing my father. Maybe he was afraid of the dad- guy-friend kinda situation. I absolutely had no idea about the actual reason. 
As I saw him leaving my gate I waved my hand but he was in a hurry. After all, we reached by 8 pm which I think is considered late. 
I entered my room and couldn’t get over his face. I was imagining us together alone in the rain. I started dancing. Then I remembered about his jacket which I was wearing. Honestly, I kept it safe with me and took a deep smell of it. Omg! His smell. I was overwhelming with excitement and happiness.
Suddenly I remembered about asking permission for the party. I was worried but then I asked my dad to allow. There wasn’t much drama. He agreed but one condition. He wanted to drop me and pick me up from the location. Which indirectly meant he wanted to meet Dan.
 Dad asked me “Oh the guy who lives next door. Hm... I remember he crashed into me once. He’s very weird but it’s ok.” I agreed with the condition.
NEXT PART; I went up to my bedroom. And opened my window. Not of my heart but of my room. I saw Dan again on his terrace with his songs. 
“Muhabbat barsa dena tu savan aya hai”
“ Oh, please rain love. It’s the season of love”
word count 1051
date published 20-7-2020


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  • Writing4Life

    Thank you! Yes it is my birthday :D I will ty!

    4 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    yeah maybe he's afraid of your dad! ooh it's about to rain here!

    4 months ago
  • Mishthi Sharma

    Sweet as always....

    4 months ago
  • V-Rose

    Dan is so so so sweet! This was an amazing chapter and I'm glad they got some alone time without Lali.

    4 months ago