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I was feeling soft and romantic, so here you go I guess :) Feedback appreciated!

ode to lovers in the supermarket at 2am

July 19, 2020


i think i have finally found you. this is an ode to the way i slot perfectly into your lap. this is an ode to every single one of your freckles, the way your eyelashes brush the bridge of my nose. this is an ode to the love song that plays gently from your laptop and makes us seem like something out of a kdrama. you are beautiful, and if nobody has told you that yet, let me. i understand now why my mother would fold paper stars and make wishes for each of them as she slid them into the jar she kept in the kitchen cabinet. she must have been wishing for you, with every breath, because how else would someone like you exist? let me remind you of all the things i love about you, write an ode to your left hand, an ode to the glow of the sun backlighting your frizzy hair into a halo, an ode to the sweet almond balm on your lips. i can read them all to you under the willow tree by my childhood house. i want to memorize you, write you down and over and over again until my words become as magical as you are. i am in awe of the way you let me into the softest parts of you, like i trust you and i love you and i will allow you to see me cry. my chest has not stopped growing since i met you. 
i think perhaps my body is trying to fill itself with all the light that leaks from you.


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  • chrysanthemums&ink

    this is so fluffy uwu and yes kdrama music. god, i'm getting cavities from reading this and that footnote just sealed my fate i've gotta get a dentist appointment now- but like yeah, "sweet almond balm" and especially that bit about "slotting into your lap perfectly" it just makes me feel like i'm intruding. adore this <333

    4 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    awww I love this so much.Its so beautiful and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

    4 months ago
  • inanutshell

    awww this is so cute :) "i am in awe of the way you let me into the softest parts of you" is such a simple but significant act of love. also your footnotes are just as lovely :)

    4 months ago