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Frost's Poem As Legend

July 19, 2020


There was one man in which the whole world loved

He was tall, with sufficient enough muscles and flawless bone structure. His hair was bright orange, constantly in his face, so he'd always run his fingers through it. With sparkling green eyes, sun-kissed skin, and flirtatious smirk, it was easy to know why everybody loved him.

What was ironic about him though, was he reigned alongside a woman in which the whole world hated

Her pixie cut hair was amber brown, pale like her skin, and her freckles were sprinkled across her face. With ash-grey eyes, long eyelashes, and pear-like build, one would think she was gorgeous. 

Only, the right side of her face was burned, leaving awful red marks and scars. As for the left side, it had a single scar that ran vertically from just above her eyebrow through her eye, stopping level with her nose. As for her body, it was covered in leftover frostbite scars.

Their names were unknown, far too old to be remembered and far too foreign to be predicted. For him, he seemed to give girls different names all the time when they asked, and no one desired to speak to the woman. But, if one odd soul dares to venture to do so, the woman would rarely say a word anyway. However, there were two names that people seemed to agree upon: Phoenix and Iclynn.

Although, there was one immune to the unbecoming wish to love their rules. The man was unfazed by Phoenix's good looks, flirtatious personality, rich life, and high status. And it was that man, by the name of Robert Frost, that tried to lead a revolution against him. 

As for Iclynn, he believed her useless, lifeless even. Saw her as only a woman foolish enough to marry Phoenix and idoitic enough to stand there while he runs the place as he does.

And it is well known, going against your land’s rulers was treacherous and a dangerous livelihood. Besides, who goes against someone whom the world loves?

"He'll be our downfall!" Robert would cry, often in the center of towns. "You allow his looks to blind you from his true character! From his true evils!"

On the twenty-first night of his attempt to start a revolution, the rulers came to witness the man for themselves.

"And what are my true evils?" Phoenix smirked, circling around him, Iclynn trailing behind.

"Your actions, powers." The man spat, waving his fingers in the ruler's face. "You will be our destruction."

It was then Iclynn was the only one to notice the flicker in Phoenix’s eyes before it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. But she was attuned to it. To the flame that danced in his hungry eyes.

"Don't," Iclynn whispered, drawing closer to Robert. Her plea sounded sweet,  honey full of convincing. And for a second, Robert believed her to be defending the monster who ruled along beside her. But then it realized no one could be so foolish.

"You," Robert hissed, watching her walk away, "I should've realized it. Only the one who reigns with a monster has the same plans. Though it seems like you'd never cross him during his time."

It seemed like Iclynn whispered an 'I tried', but she was too quiet to hear.

"What are you trying to say, old man?" Phoenix groaned, boredom plaguing his voice.

"That you'll be our destruction, and if you succeed, she'll be our downfall!"

Perhaps the tragic part about this story is the fact no one knew why Iclynn looked as she did. All of them hated her for her looks and quiet nature, creating them blind and oblivious people. 

Their prejudices will never allow them to know that Iclynn burned herself against Phoenix's flames when she was trying to save the first dynasty under their reign. The first dynasty in which Phoenix ruled, the one before her. For, his boredom and thirst for power caused flames to envelop the people. And it was Iclynn who saved enough people for there to be another generation.

As for her frostbite scars? 

She had been testing out her powers it seemed the gods bestowed upon her the nights before she managed to stop Phoenix’s destruction. 

Upon seeing Iclynn’s newly acquired talent and threat so posed, Phoenix promised her a place on the throne. Only, if she'd promise to never leave.

And she took it, for, it’s easy to defend mortals when you can outlive them. 
And she took it, for, it’s easy to fight against your enemy when you’re beside them.

But no, the people know none of this, all they see is an ugly, mute Queen. Perhaps they’ll know the truth seconds before their death, when history repeats itself. 

Time and time again.
Word Count: 793
Finished: 7/18/2020

A short story based on:

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.


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  • Wisp

    Morning! (Afternoon?) Thought I’d drop by to read more of your delectable pieces first thing in the morning.
    Okay, so let’s talk about your piece because it’s elegant as always. I love how you drew out this deviously beautiful plot out of Robert Frost’s poem. The story is so intricate and I adored Iclynn’s description at the beginning, just immaculate in the detail about her scars, and the revelation at the end just hurt my heart. I also loved how you picked names that could be connected to fire and ice, it’s like the bow atop a gift that brings everything together. Just lovely in everything you’ve written. (I need more adjectives huh?)

    about 1 month ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Gosh Chrys (Sunny too) always makes my comments look inferior haha but seriously this is *legendary* (no pun intended) (but maybe a little)

    4 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    asdfajkakh Queen how did you get all that from Frost's poem? Iclynn's character... it's so easy to make assumptions about her, and i think you captured that aspect of her extremely well. we're only a little greater than the common people in this story, and we know Frost's words (story Frost) has truth in them, we just didn't expect Iclynn's character to turn out that way. it was simply a wonderful and brilliantly executed twist. a little more understated, the slight twist with Phoenix. while not as ''huge'' as Iclynn's, we were deceived by your descriptions of him as well. especially that first line (and the contrasting line about Iclynn later), it gives a very strong and straightforward impression so that the 'twist' hits harder later. this is just... so masterful i can't. asdfasdkjf IMMACULATE <33333

    4 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Omigosh I've always liked that poem and your piece is GLORIOUS. You completely brought Frost's work to life! I'm extremely impressed.

    4 months ago