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Death's Tales: Chapter 12

July 19, 2020


No one got hurt in the fire. I took a deep breath of relief. Micheal’s arm was thrown around my shoulders casually as the principal stood behind his wooden podium. Principal Walton had called an assembly shortly after the fire trucks left. Micheal and I were sitting a little off to the side and it was more difficult to hear Walton.

“...fire started due to an overheating stove...lunch will...held in the school courtyard for the...week…”

He continued droning on, but I was done listening. No one had been hurt and the fire could have just been a simple accident. I didn’t hurt anyone.

“...understandable if you would like to go home for… the afternoon because of Mrs. Hadville’s death and the fire…”


The librarian. Her name had been Hadville.

Micheal’s arm tightened around me when it should have been moving away to keep him safe. But he seemed to live off of risk.

I wondered if he had been this way to other girls at his other schools; never leaving them alone. Or if I was the first one he had sat with just because he saw her sitting at the back of the classroom.

I shook my head to clear it. I wasn’t sure where these thoughts were sprouting from. Micheal would eventually realize the danger I put him in and he would start hanging out with Lillian and the rest of the class. Hopefully.

If he didn’t die first.

I shook my head again. Not another thought I shouldn’t even be having. Micheal looked over at me, his forehead slightly creased.

You okay? he mouthed. I nodded and licked my lips. Then I bit my lower lip.

Madam Graecia had this game that we would play whenever I was worried. We called it One Way From Worry. Or, she did. I just liked to play the game. But I would name something that worried me, like when I was five and scared of the dark, and she would make a silly situation out of it. With the darkness, she made it into a person. We named him Darky Danky and he was just trying to be my friend. But he didn’t know how to make friends so I had to help him. Madam Graecia had me laughing uncontrollably after we played the game.

I think I was smiling, thinking about Madam Graecia. It’s hard to smile when I think about her because of her death but I was smiling then and it felt wonderful. Micheal’s arm retracted itself from around my shoulders and I shivered as the cool air of the gym hit my arms. The happy thoughts faded like the day going from summer to winter in seconds.

People were climbing to their feet and jumping over the bleachers to reach the doors. Micheal was picking up both of our backpacks, keeping mine slightly under his so that I couldn’t grab it from him. “Stay or go, Hades?”

I blinked in response, not understanding the question. Then: “Oh. Um…” I shook my head wearily. “Let’s go.”

I was so tired of the roller coaster my mind seemed to be taking the past few days. Happy and content to worried and distant and then back again. I rubbed my hands over my face in an attempt to wake up but it did nothing helpful. Micheal smiled at me and smiled wider when I saw him. I rolled my eyes and smiled back. Why not?


Micheal walked to the orphanage every morning and walked me home each night after we did homework at his house. I was kind of getting used to the system. But even after weeks of this, I was still surprised to see him show up each day. I don’t know what I was expecting. It’s not like I wanted him to die or get hurt or just stop being my friend. But it was so strange to have a friend, to have someone who I didn’t have to be emotionless with.

Micheal didn’t let me be emotionless. Even on the days when I promised myself that I would not show emotion, he found ways to make me frown and laugh and smile and roll my eyes.

I opened the door and shivered. Micheal was standing outside wrapped tightly in his blue coat. His nose was red at the tip. I looked up and saw the clouds drifting across the sky and the trees shaking in the cool wind. But my gaze fell back to Micheal.

“Hey, Hades. Ready to go?”

I nodded and bounded down the steps, zipping up my black sweater against the brisk November air. I shoved my hands into my pockets and saw my breath hover in front of me, smoke-like. Micheal walked next to me.

“So,” Micheal said, drawing the word out. “What’s the disguise today? Angry? Bored? Maybe even happy?”

I rolled my eyes. He had gotten somewhat used to me being one emotion all day until we got home. “How about annoyed, Miracle Boy?”

Micheal nodded, taking me seriously. “Okay. I was thinking cold and in desperate need of cocoa or hot tea but annoyed is fine.”

I shook my head and let a faint smile show. “I can be cold and distant, if you prefer?”

“I said annoyed was fine.”

“Maybe I changed my mind.”

“No. You can’t do that. You already made your choice.”

I turned around and walked backward in front of him, my hands holding tight to the straps on my backpack. “I can change my mind if I want to.”

Micheal raised an eyebrow and I tried to copy the expression but could only manage to raise both. “If you change your mind then you have to be seven emotions today.”

My expression turned to a scowl and I started walking normally again. “Fine, then. I will be annoyed by you all day.”

Micheal shrugged. “Whatever makes you happy?”

I shoved my shoulder against him. “Shut up, Micheal.”

Micheal grabbed me around the shoulders. “Nope. Not going to happen.”

I tried feebly to pull away and then leaned into the embrace, which was both awkward and warm. Micheal and I moved in a slightly uncomfortable way, leaning one way and then the other with each step.

“I hope you’re happy now, Miracle Boy.”

Micheal looked down at me. “Why?”

I rolled my eyes. “Because now I’m not annoyed and you’ve ruined the whole act.”

Micheal smiled. I smiled back. And then I shivered as a cold wind drifted around us.

“I hate the cold,” I said, glaring up at the sky. “And now I’m a little annoyed again.”

Micheal laughed.
So... what did you think? Also, three people participated in my little experiment. One looked because of the comments, but the other two read the little Message From Writer box. I wondered how many people would read the box so that was interesting. Have a wonderful day and I hope I left you smiling.


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