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Hi! I'm sixteen and I'm from England. I've loved words for as long as I can remember, and I've read a lot of books. I write like I read - anything and everything :)

Deep Sea Diver

July 20, 2020


I remember when
words were just incomprehensible
sounds against my ears,
a cacophony of colliding consonants.
The syllables rose like waves,
an ocean of letters,
the worldwide dictator
that all people acknowledge
but none will ever fully explore.
Then I learnt how to swim
and became a deep sea diver
in a beautiful place of freedom
that I would never
be able to drown in.
I learnt to breathe and bleed
words, to let them flow
like streams, rivers, all
eventually leading to the same ocean.
The sea is my sanctuary;
peace. Hope. Life.

My senses are spun, shifted,
as I seek identity
beneath the surface,
some sentences flowing and
as smooth as fish scales,
others sharper, 
barnacles clinging to a shipwreck.
The words are
a refracted sky, broken light,
newfound honesty.
Perfect imperfection,
the taste of salt on my tongue,
reminding me that I cannot
swallow these emotions.
Reality is paper, but to manipulate
its fragility is only futility
when we can crowd it with
ink and stories instead.

I remember when
I used to write in order to live,
but now
my words are a necessity,
a lifestyle,
and I write to survive
rather than just
to feel more alive.

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