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we are not from a netflix film.

By: pineapples


another unnecessary gay character, they say

a potentially life-saving depiction of life, i say.

they'll keep making comments. 
they'll never understand.
they don't see themselves reflected in the screens and they are confused.

they don't realize how many of us there are.
there is one gay character in the ensemble cast of an oscar-worthy film.
but there are hundreds and thousands of us out in the real world.

we are not taking anything. 
we are not indoctrinating you with an agenda.
we are not even twisting the reality of life.

so why rain on my colorful parade?
what is the harm in a character that is different?
what harm does it cause you?

call me shallow all you want for looking only at one side of a character for me to like them.
but realize that it's not the character i like.
it's seeing myself reflected on the screen that i like.

do you pause a movie every time you see a straight character appear in a mainstream film?
do you start crying when you see a man and a woman kiss on the big screen?
because you are happy? because it doesn't happen enough?

calling the one non-straight character
in a straight-dominated film

is calling me
in this cruel, heteronormative, straight-dominated life

it is you
calling your friend
someone you do not need.

because there is no way
you have not met
a gay person
in your life.

because we are not from a netflix film.
we exist past the stereotypical depiction of a gay character.
we exist past the death that we so commonly face within the reel of the tape.

we are not unnecessary.


i whipped this up real quick because i thought it'd be fun.
it was. 

also, i really don't know about the line that my title came from. ("because we are not from a netflix film.") I like how it sounds, but also, i might hate it. I'm not quite sure. 

also, i'm not trying to bash netflix, i know it has some really great lgbtq representation.
It's just that this piece was inspired by that one meme from a very long time ago (idk why it popped into my head lol) that says netflix just keeps adding "unnecessary gay characters". that's why.

Peer Review

What surprised and delighted me about this piece was the overall theme of LGBTQ pride in it and a rebuttal to the comment about "an unnecessary gay character". You really delve into the issues with the lack of representation of gay people in media and how there needs to be more of it in our modern society. I also liked your use of repetition, such as with the words "they'll" and "there", very good.

What inspired you to write this piece? Was this based on a personal experience, your passionate feeling for LGBTQ rights, or a random thought entirely? Did you feel empowered after writing it? Also, I noticed that you wrote this in all italics. Is this a personal writing style or simply made for this poem alone?

Reviewer Comments

Hey there, pineapples, it's your friendly neighborhood Senior Peer Reviewer and I very much enjoyed reviewing this piece of yours. I found it to be passionate, as well as enlightening, giving a whole new view on the importance of LGBTQ representation. While there are some things in need of improvement, it's still really good for a first draft. I fully encourage you to write more like it and have a wonderful day. Top notch, work!