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"Adults are just outdated children." -Dr. Seuss
Ch. 2 of the Hour of Knowing is now out!

The Hour of Knowing Ch. Four

July 17, 2020


The next day at school, I came in well-rested and sat down at my desk with a smile on my face. 
"What's wrong with you?" asked Sage. 
"What if I told you magic is real?"
"Then I would tell you that you're insane and something is very wrong." 
I glared at her. "But it is real." 
Sage just looked at me with an expression on her face like 'really?' and reached out her hand to feel my forehead.
"You're feeling a little hotheaded, sweetie," she said to me.
 “I can prove it,” I told her. 
 “Okay,” Sage replied. She was playing along, I could tell, because she did this thing where she raised her eyebrows sympathetically when she didn’t believe you.  
“On the test we’re taking tomorrow, you will get an 85,” I told her, trying to sound convincing. 
     “Yeah, right,” she said, “I’ve never gotten anything below a 90.”
 “You’ll see,” I answered, confident in myself. That afternoon, I couldn’t go back to the library. I had to go home to study for the test myself. 
The next day, we took our tests. It was kind of hard but nothing we didn’t know. I was starting to rethink my bravado with Sage.
     “Are you scared to get it back?” I asked Sage when Mrs. Mallory was finished grading them. 
“Terrified,” she said sarcastically. I shrugged. 
     “Good job, Sage.” Mrs. Mallory smiled as she handed Sage her test grade.
My heart sank. Am I wrong? Was her book incorrect? 
Sage looked at it and gasped. “Avery, you were right! I did get an 85!”
     “Really?” I asked.
     “No. I got a 98. What were you talking about yesterday? Were you just trying to make me scared?” She laughed. 
 “Yeah, that’s all,” I said weakly. I was sad and I felt betrayed by the library. While sitting in class, I started to wonder if I had made it all up. Was it actually real? I might have been hallucinating, although I didn’t think that could be right. I decided the only way to make sure for real was to go back and see if it was still there. 
     That afternoon I went back to the library. I said 'Hi' to Derek and then headed to the YA section and saw The Skies in the Star. I  looked next to it and saw The Book of Knowing right where it had been yesterday. I sighed, relieved that at least the book was there. I pulled it out just like the last time. The cabinet turned again. It was all going as expected. 
I walked in and I was relieved that I wasn’t insane, and happy to see the books again, to feel the feeling, and to see the boy.  
I started right in, the moment I saw Quinn. “Quinn, Sage’s book said she would get an 85 on her test. Then, when we got the tests back, she got a 95. What happened? I thought these books were supposed to tell me what was going to happen. I thought these books were supposed to be right!” 
Quinn looked up at me from his book and said, “Check her book again.” 
I sighed and walked over to the shelf that held Sage’s book. I flipped to the page that had previously said she would get an 85. I was surprised to find out that the page had changed. Instead of Sage not studying and getting 85, it started with our exact conversation and then said that Sage went home and studied, which caused her to get a 95. I was bewildered. I didn’t understand what was happening.  
     “Do you see now?” asked Quinn. 
     “I… I changed her future? I can do that?” Quinn nodded his head. I sat down, puzzled.
"So what if something bad was about to happen? Could I stop it from happening?" Quinn shrugged.
"Possibly," he said. "Why don't you give it a try?" 
I had the widest smile on my face. I was trying not to get too ahead of myself but I kept thinking about changing the world. Now I was giddy with joy and amazement. I wanted to think about my first move for a little while before I did anything drastic. It had to be not too big, but big enough to make a difference.  
I wanted it to be the perfect change. 


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  • poetri

    yes! loved this--this has got to be my favorite series on here. good job, and i can't wait for chapter 5 :)

    6 months ago