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Hi, I'm Katie! I'm a 14-year-old Christian girl who loves to read, write, and especially act. I also like to do storytelling--I was in the 2019 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival! I'm a Geocacher, too.
I won Wasatch IronPen2020! :O

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Writing Streak Week 1 Day 5

July 17, 2020


9 Pets My Family Has Owned
  1. Graystripe the cat. Graystripe belonged to my older brother, who named him after the character from the Warriors books. He was a fat, lazy, puddle of a cat who had gray fur but no stripes.
  2. Molly the dog. Molly was a beagle-pekinese mix with huge, bulging eyes and a fondness for running away whenever she could.
  3. Coco the rabbit. Coco was a small brown-and-white rabbit who purred when she was happy and once bit the cat.
  4. Hoppy the grasshopper. Hoppy was a baby grasshopper I caught when I was six and kept in a jar with a bunch of leaves. He lasted about a week.
  5. Teddy the rabbit. Teddy was a small, dark-furred rabbit with a gentle and happy personality. We thought he was a girl when we first got him, and so his name was originally Rose. I changed it to Teddy Rose-a-velvet when I found out.
  6. Claudia the cat. Claudia is a dark brown tabby who loves the outdoors more than anything. When I was little, I accidentally trained her to bat at the doorknob with her paws whenever she wanted to go outside, and she still does it.
  7. Daisy the dog. Daisy is a nervous wreck. No one has any idea what kind of dog she is. She has white fur with black spots and black markings on her head. She thinks she's a person.
  8. Pudding the rabbit. The half brother of Teddy, Pudding is a small white rabbit with black markings. He's almost always grumpy, and is quite opinionated.
  9. Eclair the rabbit. Clair looks very similar to Pudding, although she is a bit bigger and has different markings. Her one true love is food, which she loves even more than her grumpy boyfriend, Pudding.



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