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Why I can't forget you. PART 5

July 29, 2020



LAST PART: My sister crashed in between our eye language and exclaimed "no eyes... Nah you should just keep your eyes looking towards the road." She turned Dan's head the other side and yelled out " You always keep staring at my sister and I know that. Shame on you".
uh! They both have a very unique sour-bitter-sweet relationship. I felt like banging my head.

When we reached the mall. He got off from the rickshaw and then followed by Lali. We headed to the mall walking when my sister walked faster than us. So we both walked ultra slow and let her go.
Dan whispered in my ear, “OMG! She is so annoying. Like how do you bear her 24/7?” 
I replied with proudness in my eye,” I have been bearing her since she was born. Dang! She is like that.”
Lali turned back and gave us a stare. Dan moved away from me and pretended to be looking somewhere else.
I wanted to buy some items for making panipuri. I stopped Lali and told her to wait there and we both will go and buy some stuff.
 “ Hello, you are gonna make pani-puri?” She completed her sentence with a sarcastic laugh.
“Of course. I will make it. Dan told me that he will teach me the recipe. Isn’t it?” I tried to hide my lie. There was no option for me except lie and escape.
“ Ya, I will” Dan reassured Lali. He was surprised by me lying. I never lie. He hummed one of his Shayari or poetic lines with a slight blissful smile.
“Aaj kali raat mein ankhe, ankhe bhi jhoot ke darye mein doob gaye.”
“Tonight these midnight eyes, they are lying, these midnight eyes are sunk in the blue ocean of lies.”
He was probably referring to our eye colors and how I lied for him.
I changed the topic and reassured Lali.
Lali replied with the most sarcastic aunty laughs “Have you ever boiled pani in your life. Today out of the blue you wish to make panipuri with him. Of course not. Stay with me here or else you know the consequences.”
I was disappointed and so was dan. We both looked at each other and to complement our situation I heard the song which was about distances being played in the background. Lol, even the mall speakers didn’t leave us alone.
“Maybe we can go to the shopping area and buy some clothes,” Lali exclaimed.
I nonchalantly agreed. I didn’t have a choice.
My sister was a fan of shopping for clothes. So as soon as she clothes she forgot everything and started grabbing clothes and trying them on.
God! Finally, Dan and I left alone. I looked at him with relief. Then he came up to me and asked what should we do about coffee or even the date.
I replied, “Maybe we can have ice-cream after shopping.”
Dan couldn’t stop himself from gazing at my eyes. I told him that even we could try on some clothes. So I started selecting a few clothes in my basket and when it got heavy Dan offered to hold it. 
“You both sisters love shopping?” Dan asked as he was in the burden of my heavy bag.
“No, I will try all of these but buy only one. Haha! Don’t worry.” I exclaimed with a laugh.
Dan took a breath of relief.
I went on to try a few clothes on but I didn’t like much. Then Dan handed over me this dress, it was a wine red cold shoulder dress. It didn’t have much work, that’s what I preferred.
I went to the trial room and tried it on. OMG! It fitted perfectly. I came out of the dressing room and Dan’s eyes laid wide open fixed at me.
I snapped my fingers near his face. “ How do I look?”
“Huh? Is that even a question?”
“ Tell Nah. Do I look so scary that you don’t have words?” I smiled.
Surprisingly this time he put his finger on my lips. “ Shh. The dress looks perfect on you. I don’t have words how much this dress looks good on you. You look the best and not the dress. And Scared?
Aap mar ke Bolte hai Darna? lag Raha hai 100 mar jao ye dekh kar.
You’re asking me if I’m scared? You killed me. I’m ready to die 100 times more with this look”

This time I didn’t have words. First of all his hands touching my lips. Now I felt as if he took revenge for yesterday. Secondly the statement he made left me blushing. I wanted to buy this dress but I didn’t have that much money.
I kept the dress back when Dan noticed, after knowing the matter he told him and he would pay for it. That when the chief guest of our date arrived. Yes, none other than Lali.
“ I just went for half an hour and woohoo you’re buying her dresses?” She exclaimed in a sad and angry tone.

NEXT PART: “No, see she likes this dress a lot and she didn’t have so much cash right now. So I thought of buying it,” Dan replied with a sweet and innocent tone.
“ But if you’re buying her something then logically you should get me also something,” Lali told this in a tone sounding as if she is gonna rob his money today.
“I’m fine with it. I’ll buy you anything but you need to buy everything in 10 minutes.” Dan sighed as he got rid of her.
He was happy, giving some money at least we’ll get some time alone.

word count 950
date published 18-7-2020
Pani puri is a Indian snack
Pani means plain water. 


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  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    Love this!

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    Can your sister teach me some sarcasm? XD

    4 months ago
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  • V-Rose

    Well, Dan is experienced in the laws of bribery and compromise, I see. I loved this! I can not stop smiling! This was so good.

    4 months ago