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How accurately did I portray the other styles I went for here? Is there any unspoken rule that I missed>

One Story in a few Styles

July 17, 2020


Spaced, emotion heavy, Letterboard Style-

I have known your
A bead of water
It comes from off my
Its hit the floor and
My sorrow is
For you to ridicule

Slashed, metaphor heavy, WTW pop-

the heavy mass in my skull/ it knows/ when i enter the room/ tear still dropping/ bodies to the floor/ another thing to mourn for/ that they would all stare/ the first emotions projected/ onto the blank screen of a student/ a student, not a person/ that i pretend to be/ but i could not stay/ in white-walled restrooms/ each tile like teeth/ tasting my misery/ I have work to do/ grades to uphold/ worry to mollify/ a show to put on/ as I walk to my desk again/ I cannot run off the stage/ every place under my feet spotlights/ because i let it do so/ a storyteller who never stops/ weaving tales when their hands cramp/

Stanzad, setting heavy, my style-

I was not angry because I never am,
I turned tail with tears threatening to tip
Out onto the floor, and the door, I guess
Closed hard behind me

It was not that I was being left behind,
Rather that I’d slipped up and let them down
Though I know now that it wasn’t a crowd
Worth working to satisfy
The bathrooms in the computer hallway
Were always my favorite, not because
Of any particular amenity besides the
Memorizes of drama club

But I stayed for a moment and stilled 
I stayed then stood then steered myself
Back to the cafeteria with my tech class
It smelled of lead and solder

The hot-tipped iron smoked over my circuit
Under a wet gaze and in shaking hands
It was the first time so many of then saw
Me do more than smile softly

It took two days for me to face the library
As I explained that no, it wasn’t anger
That made me go when I forgot Something 
as simple as my permission slip

For my trouble I got a slow nod, a worried look,
And a shiny, unfamiliar thing I’ve since learned
Is named forgiveness
And all I had to do was cry.
So this is an exercise I tried to do, I have a better grip on how I write than how other people do, so I tried to step into their shoes. I learned a bit, like how details are expanded on or condensed based on style and how that might affect your view of the speaker. I think I come off as more likable but less in the right as this goes on.


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  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    I love how you shift between different styles, I think it really added to the piece, and each one was beautifully done!! :D

    3 months ago