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16 year old weirdo who likes hiking and nature just a little bit less than I like my writing (:

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I hope to inspire, to help, to teach. If I was able to do any of those, than I would consider myself a successful human being (:

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July 18, 2020

Week 1 

day 1:
Three reasons why this challenge isn’t for me: 

1. I cannot, for the life of me, write lists. In fact, I’m absolutely terrible at them! The only lists I’ve written would be a to-do list, or a list of things to pack when traveling. Anything else- I just remember in my head. Even after writing a list, I’ll nearly always lose it. I enjoy the chaos of going through life without lists, so, I never bother writing them.  

2. I haven’t really written any prose in this style, ever. Neither have I written an essay like this, nor a piece of poetry. This structure of writing is entirely new to me, and writing in a completely new style is really, truly hard. This whole day, I was thinking about what the heck was worth writing about , and every time there was an idea, I tried putting it in this format and it sounded so...strange. Maybe, slowly, it will become less difficult..... 

3. Me??? Writing every day???? Ha! That’s hilarious! With what free time exactly?  
I have absolutely no clue how I will manage to do this. I’m in the middle of important final exams, and soon, we’re getting a new puppy. Today, we found some cats in the garden we might be fostering, and in addition to the puppy, we’re preparing for a parrot as well...  
oh, not to mention the crazy dog and two cats we already own, and the fact that throughout this whole time I’m also volunteering with kids, in nature... 
this challenge is DEFINITELY a stretch, but I’ll try my best with everything... 
let’s hope I’ll succeed....I love daily art challenges, so maybe I’ll like this too! 
Hopefully, I’ll write more tomorrow.
day 2:
3 inspirational high school girls I’ve met personally:  

1. Girl one: despite being part of a youth movement myself, I chose, first of all, to represent a girl from a different movement, who inspires me not only with her leadership skills, but also, in her life philosophy. I have first met The girl in my art class, and from the very beginning she proved to be a highly talented student. She was far from the “most talented”, or “most impressive”, but always managed to stand out, no matter if she was surrounded by better looking, more talented or smarter people than she was. This, in fact, all comes down to the way she moves through life. Her belief system boils down to surrounding yourself with positivity. Truth be told, bad things happen all of the time, but she chooses to observe the positive things, and bring them into the light. She never insults herself, or talks down to herself, like most teenagers do, because She knows it’s unproductive. It isn’t that she won’t get disappointed, but she won’t blame her disappointment on her own inadequacy. Normally, she’s correct. If a math test was hard, it wasn’t because she was “stupid”, but perhaps it was a bad day, or a few tricky questions. She firmly believes that while she isn’t the best at everything she does, she is always “good enough”, and even has the ability to have slight advantages in certain situations. She radiates kindness, and gives out compliments, because she knows you don’t have to be a supermodel to be beautiful, or a genius to have great ideas. She accepts our humanity and embraces it, and therefore is a healthier, happier person. 

 2. Girl 2: while all of us have been dealt some advantages, and some disadvantages, when I first met The girl , I thought her disadvantages didn’t exist. She was a beautiful, strong, smart girl, who knew everything about living alone, from cooking to doing laundry. But when you actually get to meet The girl, you realize that she wasn’t born this kind of person. In fact, it was the many disadvantages she had, that made her this way.  
The girl lived with extremely abusive parents her whole life, and up to a certain point, failed to maintain strong, meaningful relationships. Every boy she met was deadbeat, and she kept a distance from her friends, not telling them what was happening. Slowly, as I remained loyal to her, she told me more about herself. In truth, she was kind, smart, and brave- but also chronically terrified all of the time. Around two months ago, The girl left home at 17, with no money or relatives to her name, and began couch hopping between her friends. She began working three jobs, and was still having run-ins with the government, trying to achieve a more stable, and comfortable existence. When my girlfriend and I came to visit her, I expected an exhausted, drained Person . But- that wasn’t the case. She was smiling, jumping around, talking excitedly about all of her good luck. Sure, she may be practically homeless, but today, a nice man drove her home! Sure, school might be tough, but we drove a whole hour just to see her, and that was exceptional! Her extreme positivity stood out to me, and for a while, I didn’t understand it. But then, The girl came here. And that’s when I got it:  
The girl is happy, not because things are perfect, but because they are starting to work out. She chooses to wake up optimistic every day, because that way, she can continue fighting. And, slowly, things got better. She is now receiving funding, an apartment, and has opened a bank account. 

3. Girl 3: For one reason or another, it always seems like we measure our intelligence, and knowledge, by looking at the grades we are given at school. It doesn’t seem to Matter, that we know this system is outdated, or that it doesn’t affect a thing in the future. We value our intelligence by test scores, weather those are good or not. But then, there are people, like This girl. The girl, not only being beautiful, energetic, and kind, is also extremely smart, even more than the average human. Despite having extremely average grades, she took an IQ test, and passed as a genius. It never surprised me when she told us, because She was always intelligent. She was always the one who read scientific papers, extra credit works, and more, and had an impeccable memory: once she is taught something, it’s never forgotten. Yet, because of a few struggles, The girl’s grades are just- average. You’d think it would tear her down, prevent her from moving on-but it doesn’t. She stays in advanced classes, and puts in the extra work. She doesn’t get discouraged if other work was better. She always keeps on learning. And I find that inspiring.

3 reasons why writing today is incredibly inconvenient: 

1. I have 8 minutes before it is twelve am and a day passes. So I need to be quick. I’m not creative enough to do this that quickly, so this will be interesting.  

2. I’m at my girlfriends house, and I haven’t seen her for a bit. I missed her a lot, but instead of spending time with her-I’m writing. In case you haven’t caught on, I’m not happy with it. Plus she now thinks I’m slightly crazy because why in the world would I make myself write every day.  

3. I had a huge exam today. In literature. I have written so much I have a blister on my finger. I’m tired of writing, and I honestly just want to eat and go to sleep.... 

sorry for the downer but I think I made it! Ha!

day 4:
3 reasons why this morning was so great:  
 Being honest, I thought this morning wasn’t going to be great. I thought I’d get bored, and feel unproductive while my girlfriend runs some errands. But instead of this, a few absolutely wonderful things happened: 

1. I underestimated how great waking up near my girlfriend makes me feel. She makes me feel comfortable, secure, and even though none of us were ecstatic to wake up, together we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, and in the end, I was really proud of us. It felt really good to get ready in time for once, and actually enjoy doing it. 

2. We ended up taking a nice walk together, in an area I haven’t been to for a while, even though years ago I would always explore there. There were so many new things to discover! The flowers on the sidewalk were blooming, and the trees in the orchard became larger, and more fruitful. There were many lovely memories, and also new adventures, which I enjoyed sharing with my girlfriend very much. 

3. I have seen so many cool animals today! On the walk, we saw some lizards, and little bugs, which I held. They were a kind of beetle, and they’re beautiful, and quite harmless to hold, if you know how to handle beetles properly. We even managed to hang out with an old, ginger dog! He was precious!  
But my favorite animal I had seen today would have to be some birds. While my girlfriend was attending an appointment, I volunteered to wait outside, in the gorgeous, shaded garden. This proved to be a wonderful choice, because for the first time in my life I was able to observe closely, and see the lives of the Upupa Epops bird, one I had never gotten very close to before. It is a lovely orange bird, and it isn’t rare. But for some reason, I could never get close to it. Today I did. For the first time, I heard their screech, a loud, high pitched squeal, somehow also managed to be quite beautiful. I watched them eat and work together, and despite this not being my first time observing wildlife, it never gets old....  
day 5:
Top 3 things I constantly wanted to write about but never did:  

1. my pets: I have three pets for now, and soon we’re adopting another dog, and a parrot. Despite this, and despite loving my pets so, so much, I never brought myself to write a list about them. Weather it’s a lack of inspiration, or the fact that 90% of day to day life with pets is just....boring! Walks, food, water, sleep.....  
Those aren’t much to write about.... 

2. Anything too heavy: despite not fearing writing about heavy topics in general, since this is a daily challenge I hoped to not get worn out easily. Therefore, I choose subjects I can easily think of, without feeling heaviness, sadness, or anger. 

3. School related things: Despite the fact that it’s summer, I’m still going in to long exams once a week. After these, and after studying, I’m so tired I cannot focus on the subject matter for a single moment longer! I’d rather give it my all while studying and in the tests, then to waste time not studying productively....  



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