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16 year old weirdo who likes hiking and nature just a little bit less than I like my writing (:

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I hope to inspire, to help, to teach. If I was able to do any of those, than I would consider myself a successful human being (:

Writing streak: Week 1, Day 5

July 17, 2020


Top 3 things I constantly wanted to write about but never did: 

1. my pets: I have three pets for now, and soon we’re adopting another dog, and a parrot. Despite this, and despite loving my pets so, so much, I never brought myself to write a list about them. Weather it’s a lack of inspiration, or the fact that 90% of day to day life with pets is just....boring! Walks, food, water, sleep..... 
Those aren’t much to write about....

2. Anything too heavy: despite not fearing writing about heavy topics in general, since this is a daily challenge I hoped to not get worn out easily. Therefore, I choose subjects I can easily think of, without feeling heaviness, sadness, or anger.

3. School related things: Despite the fact that it’s summer, I’m still going in to long exams once a week. After these, and after studying, I’m so tired I cannot focus on the subject matter for a single moment longer! I’d rather give it my all while studying and in the tests, then to waste time not studying productively.... 



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  • Ronny Flatau

    Some of my Stuff is heavier, but just not the daily challenges :) and also, my pets dying would kill me! I can’t do that :(

    9 months ago
  • spurtsofdarkness

    i've personally written all of these lmao. and heavy writing is like a whole mood for me xd. and oh, you can write about pets dying, i struggle with writing about pets, too, but something sad helps :)

    9 months ago