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school dance

July 16, 2020

What if he doesn't like me; oh god, why am I sweating under my armpits; what if I'm not wearing the right dress and he hates it so much that he leaves me; what if he never shows up at all because either he hates me or he's sick; what if it turns out that this was all a cruel prank that he thought of pulling on me for some reason; what if my makeup is smudged from the rain or from whatever else and I look like a raccoon, what if he does show up, but he's with another girl because he forgot about me; what if he forgot about me and the dance and he's still at home; what if we walk into the gym and I get so nervous that I vomit all over the floor and his suit and my dress and he leaves me; why isn't he responding to that text that I sent him two minutes ago, was that text really stupid for me to write; what have I done; what if a sinkhole just opened up underneath me and swallowed me whole ( I wish ); where is he right now, is he nearby; what is he even doing right now, is he thinking the same things as I am, why can't I get these thoughts out of my head; please make them stop, I want to puke right now;

oh, there he is, I guess I better go. 


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  • Nopenoonehere

    Nervous wreck to 'oh there he is'
    Awesome job! :)

    10 months ago