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Matched: Chapter Two, James Fikess

July 16, 2020


    Mother and I sit in the Matcher's courtroom, waiting anxiously for him to appear. Mother holds my hand and we watch the door of the courtroom.
    I let my eyes wander away and I see James Fikess and his mother both perched on a blue couch across the courtroom. He must be the other one to be taken this year.
   James and I have a complicated history. In grade school we were inseparable. Friends for life, but when we moved up to the higher schools, we drifted apart and somehow never talked since then.
   The sudden shock hits me. James and I are going to be Matched, together. I can't imagine having to talk to him right now, let alone MARRY him. Somewhere in the middle of my discovery, the Matcher enters the room.
   He has a long purple robe coated in shining gems, casting a lightshow onto the boring tile floor. He's got a black clay mask hiding his face. Just seeing the featureless shape of a face sends chills gliding down my spine.
   As he seemingly floats across the room my anxiety and dread grows. Nobody knows where the Matcher takes you, because it's different every time. Last year it was a castle dungeon, the year before it was a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. This year it could be anything.
   The only good part of it all is that the matched couples always get to come back home. Well, almost always. the dungeon year didn't go too well. One of the girls starved and two boys went crazy and beat each other to death. Other than that year there's only been a few other fatal years.
   I snap out of my daze when the Matcher comes up and places his hands on my cheeks and squeezes my cheekbones. I crease my eyebrows, confused on what's going on. He presses a gloves finger on my bottom lip and pulls it down so he can inspect my teeth. 
   I fight back the urge to bite him. He must've seen my discomfort because he moves onto James. James must feel the same way because when the Matcher comes up to him, James jerks his head backwards when the Matcher tries to touch his face before letting him do whatever he's attempting to do.
    After whatever just happened, the Matcher floated over to a shiny golden stage. A loud booming voice scares me out of my skin.
   "Lavaliere Cadrie," I shudder at hearing my name in the deep voice. "age 16." The Matcher says. I feel myself being lifted off of the couch Mother and I were sitting on. I whip my head around and see a large guard carrying me over to the stage.
   "James Fikess, age 16" James gets hauled over next to me. I stand awkwardly on the vacant stage, messing with the lace on my sleeves. James looks as shaken as I am. I lock eyes with Mother and gain a feeling of safety. But that was quickly torn away when a huge door closes the stage off from the rest of the courtroom. 
   I can't see Mother anymore and a sharp pain in my left arm knocks me over. I can barely move but I turn my head enough to see the man who carried my onto the stage stabbing a syringe full of a pale silver liquid into my arm. A wave of the cold liquid surges through my veins, making me woozy and slowly pushing my eyelids together. The last thing I see before I black out is the large man doing the same thing to James.


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