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school stereotypes | Writing Streak: Week 1, Day 4

July 16, 2020


1. the goth.
black hair, black lipstick, black clothing. aloof personality. lip piercings and nose piercings, silver earrings and dangle belts. stares at everyone but barely talks.

2. the nerd.
skipped a grade. probably Asian or with glasses. book-hugger, dictionary-lover. annoys everyone with his big-braininess. constantly heard saying, "according to . . ."

3. the popular kid.
"the cool kid", as dubbed. designer clothing, trendy accessories. chokers and scrunchies, hydroflasks and aesthetic phone cases. usually bubble-heads and bully everyone who isn't "cool" in their view. gossip gossip gossip. "on Wednesdays we wear pink."

4. the outcast.
the one who doesn't fit in. the one who's kicked around by everyone. the one who tries his best but is still a disappointment to society. no one wants to be friends with him. he's accompanied only by his own angels and devils.

5. the couple.
snogging in the closets. making out against the lockers. roses and chocolates, rings and candy. "kiss and make up".


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