Anika Rose

United Kingdom

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I hope that even if we do not understand each other's words, we can find beauty and peace within them.

Greater Beings

July 16, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Am I just a plaything for some
ethereal being on a whim?
Are there greater powers than our
souls can even comprehend? Can 
they take our breath as easily as they
bestow it? Will they?

Is Sin bound to human hearts, or might 
greater beings have wrath rumble through 
their souls?
Do we owe them all emotion? Who 
will calm our tempers when thunder reigns 

Are they beings as we are?
How egotistical to think that the greatest souls must
have our features.
Why, there is Pride.
Must Sin infect our every action?
But of course, for we are human.


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