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I hope to inspire, to help, to teach. If I was able to do any of those, than I would consider myself a successful human being (:

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July 16, 2020


3 reasons why this morning was so great: 
 Being honest, I thought this morning wasn’t going to be great. I thought I’d get bored, and feel unproductive while my girlfriend runs some errands. But instead of this, a few absolutely wonderful things happened:

1. I underestimated how great waking up near my girlfriend makes me feel. She makes me feel comfortable, secure, and even though none of us were ecstatic to wake up, together we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, and in the end, I was really proud of us. It felt really good to get ready in time for once, and actually enjoy doing it.

2. We ended up taking a nice walk together, in an area I haven’t been to for a while, even though years ago I would always explore there. There were so many new things to discover! The flowers on the sidewalk were blooming, and the trees in the orchard became larger, and more fruitful. There were many lovely memories, and also new adventures, which I enjoyed sharing with my girlfriend very much.

3. I have seen so many cool animals today! On the walk, we saw some lizards, and little bugs, which I held. They were a kind of beetle, and they’re beautiful, and quite harmless to hold, if you know how to handle beetles properly. We even managed to hang out with an old, ginger dog! He was precious! 
But my favorite animal I had seen today would have to be some birds. While my girlfriend was attending an appointment, I volunteered to wait outside, in the gorgeous, shaded garden. This proved to be a wonderful choice, because for the first time in my life I was able to observe closely, and see the lives of the Upupa Epops bird, one I had never gotten very close to before. It is a lovely orange bird, and it isn’t rare. But for some reason, I could never get close to it. Today I did. For the first time, I heard their screech, a loud, high pitched squeal, somehow also managed to be quite beautiful. I watched them eat and work together, and despite this not being my first time observing wildlife, it never gets old.... 


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