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Yes, yes, yes, this is the definition of subpar, I know. Not really based on a true story, but I'm lonely and miss when I used to have a crush like this (I guess quarantine has helped me get over him. Did I ever get over him? How am *I* supposed to know what I'm feeling?)

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coffeeshop thoughts

July 15, 2020


it's these coffeeshop thoughts
that brighten my mind in the
dusty curtain of five a.m.

i only come here anymore for you
to see you
because you stir my triple-espresso soul with sugar and milk

i stare out the window
watching raindrops start a deadly race down the window
so you don't see my face burn
hot as the coffee in my hands

coffee is a s t i m u l a n t
is that why you got hired here?
is that why i keep coming back?
is that why i keep hoping you'll smile that matcha smile
and make my heart melt?

you've memorized my order
but not the spelling of my name
(you've never been a good speller, anyway)
i never know if the jitters come from the caffeine or from you
because honestly, it could be either

i could ask for your number
but that would be the tallest order of all
and i only ordered the small
so i guess i'll just keep waiting
for the caffeine to kick in

it's these coffeeshop thoughts
that brighten my mind in the
dusty curtain of five a.m.
Is this me randomly rambling again with a mediocre poem? Yes. Yes, it is.


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  • dovetrees

    this is so sweet! i love how genuine it is, so so lovely :)

    about 1 year ago
  • happy butterfly

    awww this is so cute

    about 1 year ago
  • Anne Blackwood (summer camp hiatus)

    Aw is this a true story? So sweet!! I low-key wanna know everything but that's just me being me so no pressure lol.

    about 1 year ago
  • inanutshell

    "you stir my triple-espresso soul with sugar and milk" aww this piece is really cute & sweet! (haha)

    about 1 year ago