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1. pls, read the footnote lol
2. I'm going to say this here bcuz I don't want to get a piece taken down for being a social piece bcuz I've already had one taken down for unrelated stuff and I don't know how many strikes wtw is counting until it takes away your account and I ain't gonna risk that. Anyway, social posts being taken down is understandable, but I feel like it takes away the community I came to WtW for. I can definitely admit that sometimes user hosted contests got to be a little too much, like they were just another bandwagon to jump on, but stuff like appreciation posts and q & a's made WtW feel like home. Other "social posts" like highlights, specifically Anha's are really important to me. Being showcased on those encouraged me as a writer so much and I can say in complete confidence that new writers are going to be missing out on peer highlights. I know that WtW admin does a lot for us and I'm super thankful, but I feel like this was just not the move, chief.

and somewhere along the way, i guess i fell in [ ] | loved and lost

July 15, 2020


 i always knew you couldn't save me.
in fact, i'm not sure if i ever really believed that anyone could,
and yet, i thought you would try,
not just leave me here,
grasping at straws and your lies,
trying to fulfill this empty feeling inside
and now that you're gone, who am i supposed to be?
at least around you, i had a place,
a purpose in your arms, 
                         not just hurting.

why did you leave me here alone?

if you know any new writers to wtw that are really good or whose works you really enjoy, please comment their usernames. I've been trying to follow more new writers bcuz community is a huge part of wtw and I just want to support some newer writers bcuz that was something that was really cool and helpful when I was a newer writer on wtw. Yeah, thx :)))


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  • Jasmine khawar

    Beautiful piece!!

    6 months ago
  • spurtsofdarkness

    ooh the footnote is such a good idea, wait i'll be back :)

    6 months ago
  • ineffable

    Lovely piece! I'm um a kinda small account idk if I qualify as new but maybe could you look at my work? No pressure he he.

    6 months ago