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Lauren Shamburger

I am a high school student who loves to read and write. I tend to prefer fiction and fantasy, but I have a lot to say on almost every subject.

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I have a tendency to go on tangents when I write, so please let me know if I stray too far away from the original question. I would also like help with syntax and sentence structure. Thank you!

Memories of Rain

May 6, 2014

The world was cold and dark. It was raining, as it often did in this dreary October weather. I walked down the street I once lived on and shuddered at the frigid touch of the raindrops drenching my skin, wishing I had an umbrella.

After some time, I looked up and realized that I had slowly drifted closer to an old neighbor's window. I looked in longingly, admiring the happy scene inside. Two young children sat on their parents' laps, the entire group laughing heartily. I recognized this scene. It had been the joy of my life many times before. A nostalgic smile tugged at the edges of my lips until I forced it down, shaking my head and moving away. That was not my life anymore. Others happiness should not be my own.

Some time later, I found myself in front of another window.

A small bedroom, painted with pastel colors long since dulled by the stain of time. Toys littering the floor and a crib in the corner, it was obvious this room had once belonged to a child. However, the longer I looked, I still could not ascertain as to why the room looked so hastily abandoned and left to rot for so long. I could imagine no happy cause.

Again, I looked away. I was not my place to dwell on the lives of others. But then, what else could I do? I had no life of my own to consider. It wasted away long ago, in a bed I once slept many long nights on. I am merely a shadow of a presence that was never truly there. A ghost of an intelligent being. I have nothing left to exist for but the lives of others.

The world is cold and dark, and I am all alone.


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