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likes to write about feelings. also loves to listen to music, go on runs, and make smoothies!

thank you for 80(!!!!), i <3 you


July 15, 2020



things I want to say before it’s too late
  1. “thank you.” I’ve never handed in a thank you on time. there are too many overdue gratitudes sitting in my past, like the long lost library books I’m still digging around to find.
  2. “I love you.” when I say it, I want to mean it. having read close to one thousand romance novels, I know the feelings I’m supposed to experience. maybe it’ll be an electric buzz, but that could be lust. that may become lost. maybe it’ll be the warmth of a cottage in the snow, but that could just be comfort. is that enough? right now, I love my family, I love my friends. I’m still waiting for the one who holds my heart at the intersection. most likely, I’ll make many mistakes before I meet them.
  3. “I accept your apology.” I’m no stranger to “sorry.” I speak it in tenfold, I hear it just as often. revenge has never been on my table, but I find forgiveness just barely hits my insides-it has never traveled to my heart. memory isn’t my strong suit, but my conscience seems to bring up the worst burns right as the wound is closing. it is a work in progress.
I'm having a really good day, I hope you are too <3


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