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Dearest Friend, Hi from far away.

By: Ren(hiatus)

Dear Friend,
Hello. How are you buddy? I have not heard from you in a long time so I hope you have not forgotten my name!

Though I am sure when you receive this letter, you will call this an overreaction and just tell me to call but you see pal, I wanted to try something new so I thought of writing you a letter! My idea is a great one,right? Right?
Oh I guess I got lost in the simulation of my brain that you were infront of me.

Anyways you know how this virus called 'Co-vid 19" is going around? Well some people are kinda going crazy by being trapped in their houses and becoming conspiracy theorists ie calling the whole virus a 'weapon designed to destroy humanity'. Also telling this stuff in a ominous voice "blah blah invented it and blah blah made it stronger" isn't this all just outrageous?

Though honestly I would love to discuss this matter a whole lot with you! But alas the safety precautions include a 6ft distance so we cannot meet each other in school.

Mentioning school made me remember how much fun we used to have teasing each other, playfully annoying the teachers and just studying in general but now it does not feel the same because I miss the way we would sneakily eat lunch in between the english class and we would whisper to each other, careful that the teacher would not find.

I also miss how we would be careful to make less noise but would end up making more than even we expected. Though mostly it was because of your loudmouth. After that, we would get yelled at in the intimidating yet pleasant voice of our teacher

  Hearing that, we would shut up and there would be as the teachers say pin drop silence. After noticing the teacher left, we would all be giving each other mischievious smiles while saying "we got caught again".

To be honest with you, I think the humiliation or the sweet deserved justice we got from our teachers was all worth it and surely somewhere in your heart while reading this, you're smiling too,though you do not like to show it.

I think when we are allowed to be sent into the prison called school again, we will be ecstatic to be able to return and will cherish our final years much more.

Sorry for rambling on so much, I guess I haven't forgotten the habit of being a blabber mouth.

Anyways being the mom friend I am, it is my duty to ask that have you been following the whole safety precautions?

If you have not been doing so I will have to come whack your head after this whole pandemic ends.

To just refresh your memory about the rules of Covid-19. I will list them down below.You better not skip them, "Mister I dont care"
  1. Maintain a 6ft distance between you others, that means no hugs and invading my personal space.
  2. Wash your hands frequently! And that means before and after eating your snacks since I know you like to eat a lot.
  3. Stay home and don't go outside unless you have to but that doesn't count for snacks.
  4. If in case you have a mild fever,sore throat,cough and difficulty in breathing then do seek some medical attention.
  5. One more guildline from me to you, do not think of this disease as a pushover and turn blind eye to this serious problem because it can cause death.
Alright that concludes the guidelines, I hope you paid attention to them and will continue to follow them.

Do not be careless because you are important to a lot of people including me and all your friends. If you do get sick, you could infect all your family which could further lead to problems for you so please take care of yourself and shield yourself from this virus.

Save yourself and your family.

Please pay heed to my advice and follow the guidelines. Thank you for your time.

Pay my regards to all at home.

Your best friend,

Message to Readers

I didn't change it much because I didnt know how to make it better but thank you for reading!

Peer Review

I like the tone. It sounds like a friend writing to another friend; it is so casual and nonchalant. It also brings up the past between these two friends and their relationship.

You could mention what specific fun the two friends have, and how they annoyed the teachers. Bring up instances and examples to really draw readers into the letter.

What happened to this friend? How did these two become friends? How did they get in trouble with the teachers?

You have a very light-hearted tone and are able to make this fun and full of friendship despite the more solemn topics you discuss.

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