Anika Rose

United Kingdom

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I hope that even if we do not understand each other's words, we can find beauty and peace within them.

The Waves

July 15, 2020


Maybe the Earth could tell I was alone
when I stood by the shore.
The waves were high and mighty
closer and closer
to my toes with every crash.
The winds stole my breath
every breath
knocking it out of me
even as I stood gasping for mercy.
They were powerful.

The next time I ventured there
I wasn't alone.
Maybe they could tell.
The air was light and joyful
brushing my cheek like a
loving embrace.
The water was placid,
heeding to the motion from my fingertips.
And there,
there was the Sun, stoic
in the sky but playful
skipping and
across the waves.
The Earth pulled my heart up to my lips,
placing a smile so easily.
They were still powerful.


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1 Comment
  • Paisley Blue

    This is really good! I like the shift from playful to moody--even your words play along. Great imagery of the waves!!!

    6 months ago