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pronouns: zhe/zhir/zhirs/zhirself
Gender: no idea
i write my feelings

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Hello people! please tell me if I'm a crap writer
Please note that my writing may not include the correct pronouns for me as I'm still working myself out


December 20, 2020


She's behind on schoolwork and there's no escaping it
shell have to work through the summer to catch up let alone get ahead
Stupid lockdown
stupid teachers
Why couldn't they have chased her up on her work
or at least asked what was going on
why didn't they care?

It's not like she'll be doing anything anyway
there's too much coronavirus for the road trip they planned
for the last summer with the caravan
never mind at least she's not sick


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  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    The last line of the first stanza was really passionate. I felt like it had a certain 'bite' to it. I also feel like the last line of the piece put things into perspective. Maybe school work comes in second to health. Does school matter that much? I enjoyed reading the piece. I think it was a great piece. Very relevant and concise.

    10 months ago
  • Cannon

    jeeez, yeah, covid sucks. Its so hard to stay motivated. Kinda neat how you used third person here, I like it. If you want my tips, putting shoes on before virtual school actually really helps for whatever reason.

    RE: thank you for the comment :)

    10 months ago