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My World

By: Katie R. Goates

In my world, the bleat of a goat, the bark of a dog, the bock (is that even what it's called?) of a chicken, the meow of a cat, the laughing of children at play, and especially music will be heard, whether you like it or not. The smell of baking bread is often found here along with many other smells that strangers may not find very pleasant, but those who live here have grown accustomed to and learned to love. My world is not new, or always clean and tidy, but what can you expect from a house where creative children have grown up?

Message to Readers

I was trying to describe my home in three sentences. I would like honest feedback.

Peer Review

Reviewer Comments

Hi Kallie!
This is a wonderful piece that I really connected with and enjoyed reading! You're a great writer, and I hope to read more of your work!