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Why I can't forget you. PART 4

July 29, 2020



Part 3

Last part: 
That night Dan was on his terrace and played his guitar, pretending that no one was watching. But I was looking from my tiny window as his eyes sparkled in the moonlight. He quoted these words of my Shayari which he overheard me reciting.

“Chand toh aaj gurror toth gaya aap ke chandrmukh se. Mere Ankhe jhulas se gaye hai appko dekhe ke" 
"Moon’s dignity is shattered today with that lovely face. My eyes are burning today seeing that face.."

I was watching him from my window. I started humming a song to get his attention.
“Sun saathiya, kal ajana.”
"Oh, dear! come tomorrow."

He immediately turned his head towards me and his eyes laid wide-open. The corner of his mouth turned up. I was blushing and shut the window after saying good night. By now my innocent mind nicknamed him as Dan. 
The next day we planned to go to the mall where we can have a coffee date.

I headed downstairs with my handbag slinging on my left shoulder. He was waiting down for me with his scooty key put in and as soon as his blue eyes gently touched my midnight eyes he turned the key. I saw him from the stairs and told him to wait. I reached down and sat on his scooty. This was not a normal date. We promised my mother that we are going to all to buy gifts for someone's birthday. But this was all an excuse to go out on a coffee date with Dan. I sat on the peachish pink scooty, which was nicknamed as Gulabo.
I was in a dilemma whether I should keep my hand on his shoulder, after all, I was his teacher. I hesitated but then I gained courage. I hugged him from the back. He was shocked and even started shivering. My touch made him feel like he touched a naked current-carrying wire. I could see this by his eye. They were in shock. As soon as we were going to escape from there. My mom screamed from the balcony. Our reflex action was moving away from each other and I quickly removed my hand off his shoulder. She screamed " Lali wants to join you. She wants to buy something from the mall".
I grabbed his shoulder as an expression of awful happening. His face also dropped down. My younger sister was not only a sister but also a grandmother. This wasn't her first time crashing our date.

My eyes were cheerless when I saw her coming downstairs. She had a lovely mood to crash our date.

Lali joined us. " huh scooty! How will we three fit in it? Maybe we should do a rickshaw. What say, Dan?"

Dan replied in a dull voice "I have no other option. We have to take a rickshaw. But please let me sit in between."

"No way. You can't sit with my didi. I will only sit in between. I order you." 

"From when did you like sitting in between. You always liked the window seat. I will sit-in between."

I sighed. My sister and Dan never stop arguing. Both were very stubborn. This was going to be my perfect dream date. Well, after my sister joined in I guess it would be very memorable.

" No way. If you don't let me sit in between then shall I tell mom about your secrets?"

"Nah! You can always sit wherever you want. Why don't you sit on our heads!"

"No thanks for the offer. Your heads are very small."

Then we three squeezed in one rickshaw and headed to the mall. Dan looked at me and signed why the hell are we taking her. We were on the two edges of bumping rickshaw. Talking with each other through eyes. I signaled him that he looks good today and then he signed me about my sister.
My sister crashed in between our eye language and exclaimed "no eyes... Nah you should just keep your eyes looking towards the road." She turned Dan's head the other side and yelled out " You always keep staring at my sister and I know that. Shame on you".
uh! They both have a very unique sour-bitter-sweet relationship. I felt like banging my head.
When we reached the mall. He got off from the rickshaw and the followed by Lali. We headed to the mall walking when my sister walked faster than us. So we both walked ultra slow and let her go. Dan whispered in my ear........
word count 765
date published  15-7-2020
2nd Draft- 17-7-2020


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