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you're a writer? then darling, you're already farther than most people your age. i meet adults that never know what to say or how to say it; 'cause even when writer's block hits, an epiphany is sure to come your way.

Writing Streak Week 1, Day 2: I Love Your...

July 14, 2020


5 Reasons why I love you because naming one's not enough and naming them all would take an eternity.
  1. I love your chestnut hair.
    • It curls at the tips, brushing the back of your neck, and when I'm lost in your kisses I can feel the softness of your hair as I run my fingers through it.
  2. I love your amber eyes.
    • They confess a million unbecoming desires that if I stare too long I'll be ruined for sure; yes, I'd drown in them as they suffocate all rules and responsibilities, leaving my breathless.
  3. I love your light sprinkle of freckles across your nose.
    • They're only there if you're looking for them, and every time I run my gaze over my face, I count all twenty-two of them, all so light and hard to find.
  4. I love your one-in-a-million smile.
    • Every smile is like learning the term forever is simplistic in seeing and it's the antidote you bless me with whenever sorrow becomes the disease overcoming me.
  5. I love your lively laugh.
    • And it fills the room in a way that I get to hear it twice, once the first time and a second when it echoes, both times so full of life it calls me to join it with you.
Word Count: 211
Finished: 7/14/2020
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1 Comment
  • Wisp

    Just so sweet and touching. The reasons and descriptions you give are just so beautiful and the narration and use of italics is just lovely. You really used page formatting to your advantage here. It’s short yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything short of amazing. I love the simplicity and quaintness of these little things. It just makes you appreciate the little things in life.

    about 2 months ago