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Very loosely based on The Hunger Games and the School for Good and Evil.

Matched: Chapter One, The Baby Blue Gown

July 14, 2020


Chapter One
A baby blue gown studded with elegant pearls lie on the bed in front of me. Mother has laid it out for me, knowing I would try to avoid them.
   I place a hand on the lacy hem on the gown. The Matcher would come today and take one child above 16 from every village in Frella. Every year he goes down the line of names, this time it will be mine.
   Mother knows that this year I will be taken so she decides I shall look my best. I'd of course rather wear my simple brown leggings and tan shirt but Mother knows that won't help me in the Matching. 
   Why we have the Matching, no one can say. Only President Crown and Maiden Corella know. And of course the Matcher. 
   Mother knocks lightly on my door. I turn my head and tell her to come in. She sits on my bed and beckons me to come over so she can fix my hair. She ties it up in a simple bun atop my head. Mother tucks the stubborn locks of hair that refuse to be tied up behind my ear. She pets my cheek, smile forced and blank.
   "Go put on your dress." She says quietly. I nod and walk into the bathroom with the dress. As I pull the soft velvety sleeves over my shoulders, tears threatening to tumble over my curled eyelashes and painted cheeks. I reach across my back in an attempt to button the gown.
    I get to the last button on the top or my back, right in between my shoulder bones, but can't seem to reach it. After trying and trying I let out a frustrated whimper. 
   "Mother," I cry out and she walks into the bathroom. I sit on the toilet seat and let Mother hold my head as I cry. "I don't want to go."
   Mother hugs me and wipes my tears and pulls out her makeup brush and sweeps it across my puffy cheeks in an attempt to fix my messed up complexion. 
   "I know you don't honey, but we don't have a choice." Mother says, polishing my lips with a light pink shade. "I wish I could go in your place." 
   I look at her and see the sincerity in her pale green eyes and know she's being truthful. 
   "I know Mother," I tell her and let her button the gown. She gives me a delicate kiss on my forehead and we head downstairs and get ready to go to the Matcher's courtroom.


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  • HeyThereRose

    omg i want to read this book now!

    6 months ago