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saccharine suffering

July 14, 2020


how dare you prick my finger & lick it & say it tastes sweet after i’ve cried salty tears into my calluses & color with anguish on my palms when i’m bored & you say that life is beautiful but the most beautiful thing i’ve seen today is ash that singed my eyebrows & cauterized my nerves & is that why i feel so numb to pain now or is it just that i’m used to life kicking me & singing nursery rhymes as i slip in mud & grasp at absent hands & i lay in the discarded cinders of your love & i cry and watch as the droplets turn to steam on the hot coals before my eyes & you waft it toward your nose & say it tastes like butterscotch & that makes me mad because no matter how much i endure & endure & endure, you’ll always say my pain tastes of sugarplums & that can be good, right & whenever i lick my hips, licorice bites my tongue & i wish that i’d at least get an undertone of pepper so i know that the discomfort isn’t just in my head


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Thank you so much <3

    4 months ago
  • purplepanache

    shit, this is gorgeous. i'm so in love with the desperation in your tone- god i love angsty writing so much. the fact that you're literally rambling in this one, and yet it sounds so aesthetic and raw and brilliant at the same time? it's is so beyond me. i adore the usage of ''&'' so much. ''singing nursery rhymes as i slip in mud & grasp at absent hands & i lay in the discarded cinders of your love'' dang, that completely caught me off guard. also, I'm guessing there's a typo in the third last line, ''whenever i lick my hips?'', i think you meant ''lips''. that being said, lovely piece mia. you're the most talented 13 y/o i know uwu.

    4 months ago