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est. march 5, 2020

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fixed something! came up with this while on prose and wanted to share it (we all love a good doomed love story)


July 14, 2020


                    & you waltzed allegretto into my life

                  & us commoners breathe in barcarolle
                  but you inhaled arias & drink oratorios
                    to make sure your voice never loses
                    its mellifluous tremor that filled
               concert halls with applause & roses & tears

                                   [key change]
                        & it all came to a striking
               sforzando, your hands flying away from
                the fingerboard, staccato staccato
              & the curtain fell & the lights dimmed
          & i quilted a symphony from the vexations
                that reverberrated as you kept time &
                    one two three, one two three
          & i cry in c minor & let my tremolo anguish
                    crescendo, poco a poco until

        you dance malagueƱa as i finger your final notes
                & we fizzle out, diminuendo,
            forgotten against the backdrop of
            tombstones & star crossed love
sorry the formatting is weird ;)


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  • Westley

    I think the formatting is great! This is really beatiful, amazing job.

    4 months ago