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Butterfly | 蝶々

July 13, 2020



skin clammy, 
the taste of salt, 
shivering collarbones, protruding through pale flesh, 
lungs fluttering 

the ocean roars outside your bedroom window, 
the wind howls and the house shakes, 
dampen the cloth,
wipe it against your forehead 

won't you stay with me? 

goosebumps, it's too cold
you said, 
the fire is lit,
the flames dance in the pupil of your eyes,
but the hollowness reflects back 
a bitter chill that wasn't there before 

dry lips, cracked, split, 
don't chew on them anymore 
it hurts,
you murmured

won't you stay with me? 

spring didn't come again, 
and you shivered beneath your blankets,
heart pounding, racing, try to catch your breath 
inhale, exhale,
something breaks 

a butterfly passes by the window, 
pluck the wings, 
watch it fall, 
it doesn't make a sound 

please stay with me. 


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