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cali | her | 15
an aspiring poet
trying to find inspiration in a monochromatic world
est. june 23, 2020

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ode to my mother

July 24, 2020


wrapped in the cocoon of my pillow, i hear
muffled slapping of terrycloth slippers against soles,

coaxing an unsteady staccato out of tired floorboards,
pausing, waiting outside my door

the silence conveys more words than i could ever say,
and slowly, the footsteps retreat
on a night where my head spins, overwhelmed 
with letters and numbers and due dates

my mother appears, gliding
into the room with a plate 

slips out noiselessly, and my head quiets
sliced fuji apples; my favorite

her fingers travel through yellowed pages, pressing
each word into the expanse of her mind

one hand wields a highlighter at the ready, another scribbling
annotations in neat ballpoint cursive

gentle whirring of the lamp 
filling the cozy quiet

standing before the judge, waiting 
for the final verdict

ears strain to hear the turning of cogs as
she peers at my shimmery cheekbones and dusky matte eyeshadow

punctuating the pregnant silence with
a nod of approval

she commands a legion of
discounted mops, hairdresser wicker brooms,

and a black roomba from that one christmas where
we forgot to take pictures

steadily, her army advances, warding
off the inevitable symptoms of dust and neglect

my mother adorns her cream-tiled throne room with
cooking pans, dog-eared costco magazines, and baskets of overripe mangoes

syncing the rhythm of breathing with hail marys and
the glassy clink of swinging rosary beads

gentle chanting echoing off stickered walls,
filling the once-empty space i call home
I'm trying a new format, and so far I've been loving it! I wanted to capture ordinary moments and bring them to life. 


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  • rainandsonder

    agh this is fantastic! you do a really great job of capturing these moments, vivid snapshots of day-to-day life filled with detail. this is such a soothing piece to read.

    11 months ago
  • EliathRose

    This is a really sweet idea! It gives off such a serene vibe that is just relaxing to read.

    11 months ago