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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

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this was a free-write because i just needed to write. i'm going through a bit of writer's block, so excuse how messy this is. feedback is appreciated!

poem from archived letters (mine)

July 13, 2020


hello, hello. tonight i am carrying the weight of your love in my bones. it is surprising i haven’t collapsed yet + i get dressed in the clouds of hookah smoke + think of you. my collarbone has a ball around it from when i broke it in second grade. good morning. good night. when i get back will you take me around the city gardens? give me a tour of the modern art museum and kiss me under the skylight? do you feel holy without me? in my dreams lately, i find the pavement is neatly folded into amazon boxes. did you know the best feeling in the world is when you overhear your mother bragging about you to her friends? did you know i have never heard her say she is proud of me? did you know i don’t think she knows how? it doesn’t matter, really. after dinner, she brings me fruit. yesterday it was cherries + i just remembered that i miss you really bad. sorry, i know i suck at letter writing. i imagine us as magazine clippings + plastic bag over lens. a nine-page spread in gaytimes magazine, breathless trading of x-rays under painted ceilings. popped t’s on the end of “shit” + swallowed tongues. i know i’m not making sense anymore. it’s getting late, and i should sleep. you know how they say art will survive? do you think everyone says it, or maybe just one person did and we all repeat it like parrots and we get lost in the endless flow of are you happy are you happy are you happy are you happy are you


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  • chrysanthemums&ink

    today i'm feeling particularly sentimental for this place so can i just say thank you for publishing? reading this just brightened my entire day just it was so amazing.
    i think this was just... brilliantly messy? like, every thought scrawled here was just so beautiful and i just adore how 'rambly' it is. every single one of these phrases is absolutely breathtaking by itself but combined together, it's just haphazardly beautiful. like, so so beautiful. like if this piece murdered me i'd smile bc my blood would probably start sparkling bc of the beauty of this piece (forgive the bad comparison) but like wow. this is so damn beautiful.
    *ack writers' block. all the best!

    5 months ago