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Diary of Gold Rush - 7

April 11, 2015



Diary of Gold Rush - 7

Thursday April 12, 1849

Today I saw a Indian girl. She had dark hair and looked like this:



Wierd. Actually, cool! I've learned about Indians before in second grade, but I didn’t ever see them! I’m curious. Do they know how to speak english? How old is she? Does she live in an Indian village? Suddenly I froze. I thought of something. Something that weighed down our wagon so that there was no more space for another bed. Something that weighed down my heart in fear. Did you guess what it is? Of course! CANNONS!!! I still remember 3 months ago, when we were just leaving for California, I was asking why did we need so much cannons and guns? Well, the answer was because there are Indians along the trail. At first I thought that I heard wrong. Surely Dad didn’t want us to fight Indians! I asked Dad, “Are we going to fight Indians?” He replied, “yes” After he explained everything to me, I was scared. But now I’m even MORE scared! Don’t you get it? I saw a Indian girl so that means their camp must be nearby! So what if we fight them and… we kill the Indian girl?! Scream!!! I try not to think about it in the night, and slowly but quickly, fell asleep.


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