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She stole more than ingredients

July 13, 2020


Quinn could almost hear his  apologetic whispers as he set the trap. She could imagine how sorry he must feel lacing a skinny net over the glossy blue glob.

But what for?

Cole's pathetic apologies couldn't remove sticky blue remnants staining her hands. Neither could he ease the pain her Mum was suffering for months.

So, why guiltily apologise over and over when it didn't change anything?

Quinn sighed.

She snatched up the mouldy sponge and began scrubbing the floor with unnecessary vigour.

It began quite simply.

Quinn was skilled at stealing, but she never planned to execute such a thing. The penniless girl merely borrowed the ingredients she couldn't afford.

When her created the remedy that cured Mum, Quinn vowed to pay for all the stuff she borrowed.

Promising herself that for the umpteenth time, Quinn went on her midnight heist.

She landed quietly on the her two feet, through the tiny window into a dark room. The only light present was fragile moonrays casted on a mere fraction of the floor.

It was too dim to find a thing.

In response, Quinn pressed her first three fingers to her lips and blew into her open palm. Fire blossomed from her mouth, into a sphere of molten gold light. When she was sure the flame stayed afloat, she held it up with her index finger.

Darkness infesting the musty room fled. The walls lined with glass bottles glistened when they soaked the marigold light.

Quinn crept towards the nearest wall, scanning the yellowing labels.

spiws (crystallised)...helical feather...Bone diesel... 

Emil extract.

She found the sappy white liquid stored in an outstanding little glass jar.

...But why did it stand out?

It must just be the way the emil floated like clouds around the top of the jar.
Quinn thought. 

In her haste to grab the liquid, she failed to realise it was too meticulously placed. Something was hiding behind the silky extract.

Thin fingers wrapped around the surface and bubble of goo splashed on her hand.

To Quinn's horror, the waxy thing grew. It moulded itself around her hand and the jar.

Quinn bit her lips to diffuse a yelp of surprise. But she lost concentration. The sphere of light dispersed into invisible wisps.

Darkness engulfed the room once more.

Run! Her mind cried.

Quinn bolted for the window and flung one leg over the its sill. Alas, she couldn't go any further.

A strong force was pulling her arm back to the centre of the room.

Her face turned pale when she whipped her head back. The blue coat was already up her forearm and crawling to her elbow.

It was tugging her back in.

Desparate, the girl pointed her finger on the blue slime. A blazing jet of fire torched the goo till it sizzled and melted. Yet, as the droplets fell, they buoyed up again and stuck on her other hand.

Quinn had too little time.

Still, she refused leave empty handed. Out of ideas, Quinn was reduced to a rug of war with enchanted goo.

Despite all the valiant effort, the pull overpowered her and she crashed into the dark room.

That very second, a plump woman with worldly eyes barged in. Bottles rattled in their shelves as the she tore through the door.

Searing light spilled into the place and Quinn shielded her eyes as she struggled to stand.

The woman took advantage of this. She waved her hand and shards of ice pelted on Quinn.

Quinn lifted her head. Golden flames surged from her lips melting the ice into cool droplets of rain.

Just as she lowered her head, a chunk of ice was blasted onto her lips.

The blow was so powerful, Quinn staggered backward and tumbled on the floor in sitting position, with her hands, pressed to the ground.

Naturally, the blue stuff glued itself to the floor.

"I wouldn't melt the ice over your mouth if I were you." The woman warned in an icy tone as she held another ball of blue goo in her hand.

Quinn stopped trying to run. She sat on the floor, glaring.

"Such a waste." The woman snarled. "The dragon's breath given to a little thief."

If she were not in danger, Quinn would have blasted fire through her eyes, to melt that witch right down to her glacial core.

"Think I wouldn't notice your little trips every night. Huh?" She stepped towards Quinn with sudden vehemence. "Well, you're wrong!"

Then, the woman did something unexpected. She pulled a familiar boy from behind her and held him a safe distance away.

"Now, take a good look at this little devil, son." She warned him. "This is the kind of people you ought to avoid."

Quinn recognised him the instant he took a tentative look at her. This boy owned the same set of amber eyes and lanky little frame as that one classmate who stole glances of her in school.

It was Cole.

Tongues of golden flames danced from her eyes. Quinn had expected betrayal from anyone but him.

"You want those eyes iced up as well?" His mother brought Quinn back to reality. The girl shook her head and blinked away the flames.

Only then, Cole decided to regret this betrayal.

"Mama," He turned to the woman. "I think that's enough."

The woman was confused.


"That's Quinn. She's my classmate, mama. And she wouldn't do this unreasonably."

"How do you know?" His mother held her son tighter.

"I see her in class everyday. She stands up for people...." Cole faltered to glance at Quinn.

"She stood up for me when...when I got bullied."

The woman looked warily at Quinn suddenly seeing her in a new light.

"Is this true?" Cole's mother demanded.

Quinn nodded in agreement.

"Very well."

The woman snapped her fingers, freeing Quinn. Ice melted and blue goo seeped away into patches of cobalt blue stains all over her forearms and hands.

"Alright, Quinn." The womans remained stern. "For saving my son, I won't hand you to the authorities. However, you still have to repay me."

"But mama-" Cole begged.

"Her actions are immoral, Cole. She must learn this. This means she will work for me, for two months--the period of time my ingredients started going missing."

Cole shut his mouth and hung his head.

The woman turned to her.

"This starts tomorrow, right after school. Do we have a deal?"

Quinn had no choice but to agree.

"Then give me back my Emil and get out of my face." The woman growled.


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