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Hi, my real name is Jasmine. I love music, especially classical and jazz, and also fruit. Fruit is good.

I am not actually a big fan of writing, but I will keep writing to see how I can improve.

Message to Readers

I'm not really looking for feedback, I just wrote this for fun!

In my world

April 11, 2015

In my world,

It wouldn't rain so often

People would understand everything from other peoples' perspectives...

There wouldn't be jails because we would all be cognizant of consequences, and act rationally.

The world would not be running out of resources due to ignorant governments.

Jealousy wouldn't be a thing.

All the world would be safe, and stomachs would be full.

Wars wouldn't be happening!

Everyone would love music of course

Plane rides wouldn't be so uncomfortable...

Most importantly, in my world, there would be happy endings.


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