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"It's time to move on. it's time to get goin'. what lies ahead I have no way of knowin'." -T.Petty
How to Be a Happy Hippie:
-Love Mama Earth and all that reside here-
-Be a small bit crazy-
-Keep a big heart and an open mind-
-Find the beauty in all things-
-Remember all the happy mistakes made along the way-
-Be groovy or leave, man-

Broken Road

July 12, 2020


I find it amazing
The things you’ve shown me to be true 
That love isn’t supposed hurt
And that Rascall Flats was right when they sang
”God bless the broken road that led me straight to you” 
Because my road to you is broken and ragged. It is a filthy, crumbling road, covered in pieces of jagged glass, and pieces of broken heart.
And I’ve walked that road with bare, bloody feet for as long as I can remember. 
Or I used to. 
I came across you on my road. 
You’d been walking your own. 
Your feet bare and bloody just like mine.
But our roads came together and formed one. 
Just as our hearts did the first time you took my hand.
Our roads merged into one. 
A clean, newly paved road that, though it has it’s cracks, won’t ever break.
We walk down that road together now, hand in hand. 
And I won’t ever let you go.


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