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Threes of Me

July 11, 2020

PROMPT: Dust Jacket

Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual).   
  1. A choir group called Madrigals, where we wear medieval costumes and sing Christmas songs in the dark, in a semi-circle, with candles. Oh, and also yell about how there are no bananas in the sky. Haha...definitely not a cult:)
  2. A Ben Cook, Sky Flaherty, Ryan Steele, and Ben Cook fan-club/group-chat where we all rant and fangirl over Newsies, Mean Girls, and Dear Evan Hansen actors.
  3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Three places you learn well (these can be unusual).  
  1. When I close my eyes and let go of everything, I hear and feel things that move me to understand the world in strange and unique ways unspoken.
  2. Empty stages after everyone has left the auditorium, theatre, or chapel. It is when I stand alone on a stage that I can see myself, raw and unparalleled. 
  3. This is boring, but I learn best when I'm alone, in my chair, in the corner of my room, at night.

Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.
  1. Extremely introverted
  2. Sheltered and protected from the world
  3. Genius homework helper

Three adjectives your family would use.
  1. "The oldest and most responsible" [end quote]
  2. "My favorite sibling" [Also a quote, oddly enough:)]
  3. Calm and easygoing

Three adjectives you would use.
  1. Ever-growing and metamorphosing like a butterfly.
  2. Creative
  3. in the nerdy, don't know what to say kind of way

Three beliefs you hold.   
  1. Mistakes are not the entirety of our identities; just because I make a mistake doesn't mean I am one.
  2. Every human deserves love and compassion.
  3. There is a loving God, who knows and loves everyone individually and perfectly.

Three sources of comfort.   
  1. Color. Different hues and shades, rhythms, and textures of vibrant and delicate colors always have an oddly meditative effect on my mood.
  2. Hugs, crying, and ranting. Sometimes letting everything out and falling into someone's arms is the only way for me to find peace. I'm afraid of walking alone, so letting the universe or just one person know the whirlwinds of my soul can be extremely calming and reassuring.
  3. The scriptures and prayer.

Three instincts serve you well.   
  1. I can often tell, intuitively, who is a good and true friend.
  2. I can instinctively tell which flavor of popsicle I need to eat, depending on my mood at the time.
  3. I am instinctively good at prioritizing and scheduling my time to best utilize both energy and brainpower.

Three responsibilities you shoulder.   
  1. Keeping the innocence of my youngest sister intact.
  2. Making sure that my ultra-introvert sister doesn't feel alone, in a world that sees her as odd, and too often puts no friends by her side.
  3. Being the strong, put-together, peacemaker in a family full of clashing personalities.

Three things of which you are proud of.   
  1. My imagination- there are worlds of mysteries swimming behind my blue-grey eyes.
  2. I am a piano composer and songwriter. The 88 ivory keys speak to me, and I find them to more easily express my hidden, subconscious emotions than any string of letters could (except for "I love you" and "sorry"). With these notes, I can tell my story.
  3. I am standing tall after hurricanes of depression, anxiety, and OCD. I am so proud of last year's me who went through all 3 at once and had the courage to hold on. 

Three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual.
  1. I have a large collection of words that I love. Finding new words to describe singular and specific yet universal emotions and moments.
  2. I have an undying thirst to learn and experience everything. I wish that I could live a thousand lives, try every food, learn every language, try every sport and art, and work in every field.
  3. I have 3 crazy and unique siblings: a 14 y.o. One-Direction-obsessed, Hamilton screaming,  gymnast interior designer chef sister, a 12 y.o. future Einstein with an IQ higher than 99% of the population who writes essays and reads law books for fun, and a 9 y.o. constantly moving, board game obsessed, unicorn loving, track star sister. Interacting with and living with such different people has given me a unique perspective on life, I think:)


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Okay but your life seems like a coming of age story and I love it

    4 months ago