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sitting by the water

July 11, 2020



hearing is not the same as listening,
as the latter is far rarer.
if you sat up on a sycamore,
breathed in the whirling wind,
you would hear their insistent whispers
but never know what they said.
a face in the bouncing water,
staring back with defiant stillness.
could you believe
this species, so intelligent
is so easily brought down
by both physical
and institutional
i have no concept of money,
a fear of it but no desire.
if i could just be comfortable,
if you could just be quiet.
it's not a matter of writing good poetry
but of getting through to the reader.
perhaps i should just pay them my allowance,
i find i'm quite tired of competing.
is it a relationship
or a situationship
between you, me, and the sun?
if i hadn’t been listening
and hadn’t been learning
i would have thought you were the one.
inspired by a family saturday: we visited the vanderbilt property and sat by the harbor.


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  • EdilMayHampsen

    "could you believe/this species, so intelligent/is so easily brought down/by both physical/and institutional/illness?" Lovely flow to this poem. The rhythm is very calming

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    awww... that just relaxed me as I read it. Your descriptions are so good! That is a really moving, gorgeous poem.

    5 months ago