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"The normal human consciousness is not equipped to deal with the pillars and suspension cables of the universe."

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This is a poem about my best friend, the girl I love more than anyone. All the reasons that I love her, and all the reasons I could never properly put it into words.

A List of You

July 11, 2020


How do you quantify
A person?
I could list
The language of motion.
The way you smile
And laugh,
The way you rest your chin on your hand
When you are listening,
The way your eyes light from within
When you feel.
I could list
The facets of your personality.
The things you love.
The way you talk faster
With excitement,
The way you pause
To enjoy mine.
The way you always stop to be caring.
To be honest.
To be kind.
I could list
All the reasons
You are beautiful.
The shine in your eyes,
Their depth,
Their meaning,
Wrapped in crystalline blue.
Your hair,
Sometimes sleek,
More often tangled,
Different shades of gold dancing like
Dust motes on sunshine.
The way your smile
Curves up in one corner.
And the way it makes me
I could list
All the reasons
That I love you.
I have already,
And will continue to do so,
Until I run out of words.
I love your life and your laughter.
I love you words,
Your self,
And your soul.
But how to you quantify
A person?  
Do I love you because I love
These things?
Or do I love these things,
And list them for myself,
Because I love you?
I cannot quantify
A person.
You are more than your laugh,
Your smile,
Your love.
You are more than the things
You are perceived to be.
More even than the things
I perceive.
You are a million thoughts and words and stories,
You are a million dreams.
You are yourself,
First and last
And foremost.
And you are everything to me.
I cannot quantify
A person.
But I can love you,
And list the reasons that I love you,
And though it will never be enough,
I can tell you
What I see. 


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1 Comment
  • Deleted User

    Awww, this is so heartwarming. I love the flow of the poetry, it's incredibly graceful and just warmed my heart, I love this. The line "Different shades of gold dancing like
    Dust motes on sunshine"... breathtakingly gorgeous. Well done :)

    about 1 year ago