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July 11, 2020


its strange isn't it, that we are labelled as 'gen z'
it feels like
an end

has god run out of patience?
or will the alphabet start 

it feels like an end
we all collapse on narrow beds in bedrooms still decorated
with childhood
posters peeling
fading fast
it feels like
an end

and it is strange that we are 'z'
a crack through the human race
a crack in our minds
in our voices 
as we cry
'what mess is this
left to me
in my fathers will?'

for god has forsaken us
left us hanging on
the end
like an afterthought

we will only begin again if our cry turns to
a shout
fists raised
'we will fix this mess
left to us
in our species' will'


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  • Lata.B

    Omg! This caught my eye right away...Wow great job!

    over 1 year ago