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Jessica C.

United States

The essence of writing/ words

August 28, 2015



One problem I often come into contact with is how to phrase things. I'll get stumped on how to explain something in the way my mind invisions it. I can't always express my mind like I want to, because my thoughts don't have words to match them. Over one million words in the english language, and I can't find the one's I need. But Describing a thought or a memorie is even harder. You can't make other people see the world the way you do through words. Words are like dollar bills. They are notes for the real thing. Notes for the real expression. Like if you see the word sad just painted on a wall, would you feel sad?  Chances are you won't; some thought would conjure in your head like, What's sad? Or Who's sad? Used in a phrase it can make you feel something. Most likely not sad, but sympathetic. Insted of seeing just the word sad painted on a wall, you see "I am sad." Now how would you feel? The same right? It's just a phrase painted on a wall. Put that phrase into some one telling you "I am sad." Sympathy would probably be your first feeling, or even your second after "Why is this person tellling me this?" 

Althought you don't have the "real thing" you still have a note for what it really is and what it can do. The closest thing to a thought is a movie, or a video, just a moving picture of any type.


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