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Writing is like a grilled cheese sandwich; I never seem to get enough of it. I have been writing since I was a child and have not stopped since.

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May 1, 2014

The ride was uncomfortable, to say the least. It would be more or less the truth for Tristan to say that he was not used to sharing the company of a complete stranger while riding a taxi. He could not just complain about it aloud, however. That would be rude, and Tristan was brought up to be polite and respectful to everyone he met.

In any other circumstance, Tristan would have brushed off the fact that he was uncomfortable. Things like this happened all the time. It appeared today would have to be his unlucky day...or lucky day, considering that the stranger sitting next to him was a stunningly beautiful woman.

Talk about awkward. Here Tristan sat, in dirty jeans and a 'Bazinga!' T-shirt. On his left side was a tall, slender woman with long legs and a dazzlingly white smile...among other exquisite features. Here he sat, with a messy mop of brown hair. There she sat, with long, flowing hair that seemed to glow a shade of auburn. An aura of gorgeousness.

The woman bit her lip. Tristan glanced away, flushing.

How long was it to the airport?


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