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Writing's never been my strong suit - I've always found math much easier. There's always been something that's intrigued me about writing, though, especially creative writing. I'm hoping that by joining Write the World I can develop my writing style and learn to write in different genres. I am also hoping that learning to write better will help me with my songwriting, which is something that I really enjoy but occasionally struggle with because I can't find the right words. Also college admissions are this year and I want to be able to write a tolerable essay.

Four Years

July 10, 2020

Dear Lola,

You're probably having the time of your life right now. You're at college, about to graduate, partying with your friends. Hugging your friends. That's something I can't do right now because of the "six feet" rule. 

But please, don't forget about me.

It wasn't so long ago that you were in this position. Four years, maybe? I'm imagining that it's 2024 when you read this. Four years isn't such a long time, so I know you remember what things are like, what they're like for me right now. Staying in the house for the most part, unable to participate in many of the activities I love. High school graduation was cancelled, which I'm sure you remember. You're hopefully going to celebrate your university graduation soon, unmarred by a global catastrophe this time. I hope. You probably don't have to wear a mask when you leave the house, shielding your face from the world around you.

The real reason I want you to remember me isn't just because of the crushing loneliness that could maybe be lessened by knowing that you are reading my words. The purpose of this letter is simple: Don't take anything for granted. I don't think this really has to be said; like I said before, four years isn't that long and I know that quarantine is still fresh in your mind. But just remember the days when your spring break vacation was a drive down the street to the grocery store, and even that felt more wonderful than any Hawaiian tropic after being inside for weeks. Just remember when your best friend was crying and you couldn't hug her or hold her hand because of the possibility that you could make each other sick and die. I want you to remember how things were because then every day you live will feel like it is soaked in freedom. And all I can do now is hope for the day when I can experience life the way you do now, the way I did six months ago. I wish you all the best and I want to be there with you now. 



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