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Perhaps Everything Could've Ended Differently but Fate Hates Them so We'll Never Know

July 11, 2020


The words sounded as though they prayed them, walking off their lips so hopeful, so desperate, so believing. And perhaps it was their right, for when people get married, it’s considered their “beginning of a life together”. Perhaps. Or perhaps it wasn’t. Perhaps it was just presumptuous of them, and they were far too naive and unknowing to realize anything. You know the saying, “they have an old soul?” Well, Aurelia and William did not have one. 
No, their souls were vibrantly youthful, with high spirits that carried them around constantly, the spirits often grew tired of them. And all this was evident on their fresh faces they shared, which seemed all the younger whenever they looked at one another. Perhaps it was the latter, they’re young souls were to blame. 
Regardless, they exchanged their vows with an expected radiancy and their mother’s cried as one anticipates, as was the act of the fathers smirking at the expansion of the family.
But at last, happiness is merely a phase that never lasts long enough.

Finally, she set down her last champagne glass and reached for her newlywed spouse standing before her. His round face was flushed enough to create thoughts of an apple on many people’s mind, but not to Aurelia. No, she was only thinking about the millions of unsaid desires spinning in his mind as they awaited the car ride. Perhaps the honeymoon would be better than the wedding. Perhaps. Perhaps they’d never make it to the honeymoon. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Taking her soft hands in his, William led her toward the oak doors, ignoring the cheers and screams surrounding them. No, he tuned all out except his racing heartbeat that he was foolish enough to think was her’s.
And once they started climbing into the far too outdated, teal station wage, the smallest amount of protest whispered in Aurelia’s thoughts.
It’s not too late to turn back now.
But she pushed it from her mind just as fast as it had emerged. Perhaps if she would have listened, nothing would’ve ended as it did. Perhaps.
They had only made it past the willow tree, when the back windshield shattered. William’s face was pounded by airbags, as Aurelia’s petite body was consumed by them. It was a dark burgundy color that decorated the diamond ring on Aurelia’s finger. Yet, it was a maroon color her dress turned into.

Perhaps they can still consider it a honeymoon, since all the money spent and days away were the same. Perhaps. Perhaps they didn’t want to call it that.
It was precisely ten days later did William find himself beside Aurelia’s beside, twisting the ring around her fingers so rapidly, it left the smallest of rashes. But he didn’t notice that.
Her heartbeat was steady, but her breaths low. And when William tried to match the latter, he only managed it for one minute before coughing himself back to breathing efficiently.
Although, he found himself like this since the day after the accident when he woke up and saw her like this.
A black and white photograph mocked them from the side table, the Just Married written on their back window in thick letters seemed to scream with irony at their predicament. Yet, William couldn't find it in him to throw the photo away, even though every ounce of his being wanted to.
The door clicked softly behind him, and William turned slowly to greet the doctor.
“Any updates about her coma?” He asked gingerly, the slightest bit of hope from his youthful soul slipping through.
It seems some of them never learn.
Word Count: 609
Finished: 7/9/2020 (i should definitely be sleeping, lol, but oh well. i got carried away writing.)
I overuse the word "perhaps" far too much, so I figured I'd embrace it.
Inspiration: 6-word story-  “Just Married!”, read the shattered windshield.


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  • Wisp

    Was my heart a passenger in that car too? Because I feel it just got crushed.
    I knew something was going to come with the foreshadowing and the use of perhaps (which I think was used in such a lovely manner and way to expand on the concept). This was so heartbreaking, but I’ll cling to hope that she didn’t actually die. After all, it doesn’t explicitly say it. It seems my young soul and I never learn as well. But BEAUTIFUL DMORAL. Absolutely stunning and just breathtaking.

    about 1 month ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Gosh dang it this is so quietly heartwrenching and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I don't know what to say

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    the way these two characters are portrayed in the beginning is fresh, but the way you write it makes it seem like something is about to go wrong. while the prompt was asking for this, if i hadn't read the prompt beforehand, i would've felt the excellent foreshadowing even heavier on my shoulders. and the way you described the accident, it was absolutely chilling but strangely... not loud? you don't use many explosive words in it, and it takes a little bit for the reader to actually process what happened. if you blink, you might miss it, and then you're thrusted into the cold aftermath, and just wow. william's body language in this, you bringing back his 'youthful soul'... just brilliant. wishing you all the luck in this contest!
    ps. go to sleep. <3

    5 months ago