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Hiya! I'm not too sure my meaning got across in this one? The symbolism might be too vague, idk.

Save Them

July 9, 2020


I start on the cloud and end on the cloud. 
On the harddrive that cannot be broken
Words flow like children out into the world
And die in the out world as well

I write out my sorrow and copy-paste
The love letters that I meant to hide
Into the publishing space,
And forget to hit save

Do not tell me things happen for a reason
On my knees I will mourn my children
Wishing, wishing, wishing that I had just
Reached out a hand to save them

Save them. ctrl+p(rint to pdf)
Save them. More tools, save page,
Release them into the G-Drive
Like birds migrating through the clouds

Through wind-tunnels called emails
Linked through the share button
And delighted faces look up and see
The patterns that the birds make.

Whether to mourn the loss of paper-life
Or sing an ode to this-ages connection
The idea that we can share what we save
The words, the world, the sites we save
Is a bold idea indeed.
I wrote a piece directly into wattpad one time and clicked delete when I meant to unpublish. I'm so devastated, I lost a 2k writing sprint... I wish had saved the page or uploaded it or something... Oh well. It took me a week to post this because I was honestly so upset. Take my advice. Save your work.


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