An international student from Malaysia studying in Australia.

Not a skilful writer but am enjoying writing sometimes. Wish to learn more from everyone here. Aspire to make good poetry, lyrics and good stories.

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Nobody is normal in this world.


July 12, 2020


how can something
as small as a seed
grows into a forest,
a cluster of chaos?

cutting down the trees
may leave you a trail,
a way out of this mess.

though they'll return
as a sprout,
and turn into a leafy beast
and that monstrosity
that takes your light away.
This poem was called "seed". I changed the title into "mustard" because it is known as the smallest seed among all plants.

Sometimes even when something as small as that that can grow into an unstoppable, never-ending problem.
When that happens, we will find our way out. Most of the time it is possible.
But that thing, the problem, will find their way out to stop us again.

By then, will you keep cutting down the trees, or let that deep, daunting, dark forest flourish?
Drowning you and devour your corpse as you're gone?

Wrote this one last night just before bed after something annoying happened - like the usual.
So, don't mind this is bad as long as I feel better about stuff.
But please, feedbacks are still welcomed! :D


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  • inanutshell

    love the metaphor here, very true :)

    10 months ago
  • TheNurdeyGick

    Sorry for reposting this poem for the 2nd time.

    10 months ago